Let us know in detail about your 6kw online UPS

The APC 6kw online UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a high-capacity device designed to provide continuous, clean power to critical equipment in data centers, server rooms, and other mission-critical environments.

The “online” design of this UPS means that it continually provides power to the connected devices, filtering out any power disturbances such as voltage spikes, frequency fluctuations, and power surges. The online design also means that the battery backup is always active, ensuring that there is no break in power supply during a blackout or other power interruption.

The 6kVA rating of the UPS indicates that it can deliver a maximum power output of 6,000 VA, or 6 kilowatts. This is a high-capacity rating that is suitable for large server farms, data centers, and other critical applications that require reliable and uninterrupted power.

Overall, the APC 6kVA online UPS is a robust and reliable power protection solution that can provide continuous power to critical equipment, ensuring business continuity and protection against costly downtime and data loss.


Q: What is the input voltage range for the APC 6kVA online UPS?

A: The input voltage range for this UPS is 160V to 280V. It is designed to operate in areas with unstable power grids and can handle input voltage fluctuations without switching to battery power.

Q: How long can the APC 6kVA online UPS provide backup power?

A: The backup time of the UPS depends on the load connected to it. At full load (6kVA), the UPS can provide backup power for approximately 10 minutes. However, if the load is lower, the backup time will be longer.

Q: Can the APC 6kVA online UPS be managed remotely?

A: Yes, this UPS can be managed remotely using a web browser or network management software. It comes with a built-in network interface card that allows it to be monitored and controlled remotely.

Q: Does the APC 6kVA online UPS provide protection against power surges and spikes?

A: Yes, the online design of this UPS means that it provides complete power protection, including protection against power surges and spikes. It filters out any power disturbances and provides clean, stable power to connected equipment.

Q: How much space does the APC 6kVA online UPS take up?

A: The physical dimensions of the UPS are 432mm x 196mm x 690mm (W x D x H). It weighs approximately 75kg, so it is a large and heavy unit that requires a stable and secure location.

Q: Can the batteries of the APC 6kVA online UPS be replaced?

A: Yes, the batteries of the UPS can be replaced. APC recommends that the batteries be replaced every 3-5 years, depending on usage and operating conditions.

Q: Does the APC 6kVA online UPS come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the UPS comes with a standard 2-year warranty. APC also offers extended warranty and service plans for additional coverage and support.