Inverter Setup For Home

Inverter Setup For Home

installation of Eco Watt 900 VA inverter has been explained in detail such as features / product, display indicators which will help to understand the functioning of the Inverter / inverter setup for home

inverter setup for home

Inverter Setup For Home

Inverter brightening millions of lives inverter setup for home luminous has added one more catalyst luminous eco watt 900 V a UPS a result of the most advanced modern technology now let’s discuss in detail the right procedure to install this UPS like watt900 VA UPS comes with a warranty card and a user manual giving complete information

 about the product this on and off switch comes with an Amber indication to help us operate the device even in the dark the device has many other indicators as well the information about which we will dispense during the installation procedure on the back of this device there’s a 16ampere socket for the output load as well as a 10 ampere fuse also there’s a mains wire to give input to the mains and to give battery connections to the negative this 

is a fan that operates automatically to maintain the temperature of the UPS thesis used accordingly for the ups and the eco mode selection to highlight the level of water in the battery we use the e flow indication here we are going to use a luminous manufactured il 18000 battery which carries a capacity of 150 eh for the installation of the UPS we 

use aluminous manufactured installation kit this kit contains 216 ampere plug tops one gang box which includes 16 ampere socket and switch and along with it there’s jelly wires PVC tape etc. – these are our three wire lines in neutral and earth this is our main supply going and from output we’ve connected a direct wire and now our installation is 

complete when we connect the battery with ups all indications at the front will blow together now let’s try and understand all the indications on the luminous  eco wat this is the mains on indication which tells you that the electricity is available the charging on indicator tells you about the charging status this is controlled by the ABC c technology which keeps the battery in optimum charge state this is the Eco mode indication which is used for 

normal use this is the overload indicator which turns on automatically when the load is higher than the capacity of the UPS if the system is in Eco mode when it tries to take the load but after five attempts it remains in overload and we have to reduce the load and restart the switch once again this is the low battery indication which turns on when the battery level is low and the UPS shutoff now let’s understand the use of afloat a float indication turns on the 

battery level signal upon insertion in the socket post which it indicates the status of the water upon inserting it in the battery when the water level get slow this indication turns on and once we filled it automatically turns off the different types of batteries elections have been denoted according to which four types of batteries can be used to Buller flat plate VRLA and local whichever type of battery is selected a corresponding led for that switches on since 

here we are using a flat-blade battery therefore we will put it in the flat plate mode to get optimum battery performance Eco-mode indication is used for household appliances when mains go on the system supplies the power and system automatically transfers the load to mains when the power is restored and with this we conclude our eco watt900 1bh UBS product inverter setup for home