Luminous Inverter High Capacity

Best UPS for Home: Luminous High Capacity Inverter System

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Have you ever imagined running heavy appliances like AC on an inverter surprised it’s not science fiction anymore presenting to you state-of-the-art cruze range of UPS systems by luminous with this you can run heavy loads like AC dental chair photocopier petrol bomb printer refrigerator water pump deep freezer water Geezer along with your regular lighting loads. Luminous Inverter High Capacity

luminous cruise ranges next-generation technology power backup product it offers a sine wave supply just like the grid power thereby protecting the life of your expensive and sensitive appliances luminous cruise is a perfect now backup solution for your home office and other workplaces life sweet shops showrooms ice cream parlors educational institutions Coaching Institute’s hospital’s retail shops banks restaurants and beauty parlors luminous Cruze range comes in various VA ratings starting from two KVA to 10k VA this flow chart will help you to select the most suitable UPS system for your requirement

Luminous Inverter High Capacity

Luminous Inverter High Capacity please note that loads can be run one ate time here we are showing the installation of 3.5 kV a UPS however the installation procedure will remain the same for all the other UPS in the craze range except for the number of batteries which can be connected to the different PS models depending upon their voltage ratings on the back of this device it has two fans that operate automatically to maintain the temperature of the UPS with this switch user can select between regulated UPS mode and unregulated UPS mode use this battery selection switch to select between the tubular plate and flat plate batteries this is battery charging selection the switch position should be selected as for the connected battery capacity[Music]this is a DC MCB our battery MCB this should be turned off before connecting the ups with batteries

Luminous Inverter High Capacity Technical specifications

bypass switch in case of any fault shift this switch manually to bypass mode to bypass the inverter and allow the mains to be available this is a CMCB in case of short-circuit or overload it will trip to protect your ups and connected loads this is a 4-way input output terminal block this is used to connect mains input AC supply to the UPS this connector is provided for connecting the unfit of the UPS to load here we are going to use luminous called tubular batteries which carries a capacity of150 ampere ah an output voltage of 12volts as this is a 48 volt UPS we need to connect four 12-volt batteries in series step 1before starting the installation of batteries remember to turn off this battery MCB since we are installing 150ampere our tubular batteries and sure to set the battery selection switch to tubular and charging switch to medium step 2 can make the first end of this jumper cable to the negative terminal of the first battery and the other end to the positive terminal of the second battery repeat this process to interconnect the other batteries also now join this red wire coming out from the UPS to the positive terminal of the first battery and join the black wire to the negative terminal of the last battery step 3 here on the input terminal there are four different collared wires to take input from the mains and connect the UPS output to the home load green wire should be connected to the earthling light black wire to the neutral line and red wire to the mains light this you know wire is the UPS uncut wire which should be connected to the socket or an MCB box to supply UPS output power to the load this is our main supply put and from output we have connected a diner flyer and now our installation is complete please do not switch on the main supply before switching on the UPS as this may harm the UPS set for now turn on the battery MCB and a CNC be at the back of the UPS and switch on the UPS by pressing this button at the front all the indications at the front will glow together for a short duration now switch on the main supply to the UPS now let’s try and understand all indications on the luminous crews UPS on displays when UPS is running on battery UPS ON well displays when the UPS trips due to overload in battery mode battery NO displays when UPS trips due to low battery this is the mains on indication which tells you the electricity is available smart charge indicator is on when UPS is charging the batteries battery charging display shows the level of battery charge and now your luminous PS is ready to use so enjoy uninterrupted power with no worries Luminous Inverter High Capacity