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A range of electronic products are manufactured by Livguard, including inverters. Households and offices can take advantage of Livguard inverters during power outages to provide reliable backup power.

Inverters from Livguard are available in capacities ranging from 600 VA to 10 KVA. A pure sine wave inverter can also be specified as a square wave inverter, depending on the customer’s needs. Computers, televisions, and refrigerators can be run by pure sine wave inverters, whereas basic household appliances can be run by square wave inverters.

There are a number of safety features included in Livguard inverters, including overload and short-circuit protection, overheating and deep-discharge protection. As well as providing optimal performance, they have a built-in battery management system.

It is easy to install and use Livguard inverters, and they have user-friendly displays that display battery voltage, output voltage, and load information. Electricity bills are reduced due to the energy-efficient design of the inverters.

Livguard inverters are covered by a warranty period of 2 to 3 years depending on the model and capacity. Their products are also serviced by a large network of service centers across India. The customer care team or the service center can assist customers.

Households and businesses can rely on Livguard inverters to provide backup power. User-friendly features make them simple to use and maintain, and they are designed to provide optimal performance and safety.


What is the capacity range of Livguard inverter?

Livguard inverters are available in various capacities ranging from 600 VA to 10 KVA. Customers can choose the capacity of the inverter depending on their power backup needs.

What type of waveform do Livguard inverters produce?

Inverters are available in both pure sine wave and square wave variants. Pure sine wave inverters are suitable for running sensitive electronic equipment, while square wave inverters are more economical and suitable for basic household appliances.

What safety features do Livguard Inverters have?

Livguard inverters come with various safety features, such as overload protection, short-circuit protection, battery deep-discharge protection, and overheating protection, among others. These safety features ensure that the inverter and connected appliances remain safe during use.

How energy-efficient are Livguard inverters?

Electricity bills are reduced when you use Livguard inverters, as they are energy-efficient. They are equipped with a battery management system that ensures optimal performance and long battery life, reducing energy use.

How long is Livguard’s warranty period?

Depending on the model and capacity, Livguard offers a warranty period between 2 and 3 years. If customers need assistance, they can contact the service center or the customer care team.

What is the compatibility of Livguard inverters with solar panels?

Inverters from Livguard convert DC power generated by solar panels into usable AC power and are designed for use with solar panels. Residential and business users of solar power can benefit from these inverters.

Is there a place I can get after-sale support for Livguard inverters?

Livguard has an extensive network of service centers throughout India that offer after-sales support. To arrange installation, maintenance, or repairs, customers should contact the customer care center or the service center.

What makes the Inverter a reliable choice for uninterrupted power supply?

The Inverter stands out for its reliability, offering uninterrupted power during outages. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, it ensures a seamless power supply for various applications.

How does the Inverter cater to different power requirements in diverse settings?

The Inverter comes in various capacities, making it suitable for a wide range of power needs. Whether for home use, small businesses, or other applications, Livguard offers inverter solutions that can adapt to diverse power requirements.

Can the Inverter efficiently manage power fluctuations and voltage irregularities?

Absolutely. Inverters are equipped with advanced voltage regulation technology to handle power fluctuations effectively. This ensures a stable power output, protecting connected devices from potential damage caused by sudden spikes or drops in voltage.

Is the installation process of the Inverter user-friendly for individuals with varying technical expertise?

Yes, Livguard emphasizes user-friendly designs. The installation process for Livguard Inverters is straightforward, often accompanied by clear instructions in the user manual. This makes it accessible for both experienced professionals and those new to inverter setups.

How does the Inverter contribute to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability?

Inverters are designed for optimal energy efficiency, ensuring that power is utilized effectively. Additionally, some Livguard models may be compatible with solar panels, allowing users to harness clean and renewable energy, making Livguard Inverters an eco-friendly choice for power solutions.


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