Ups vertiv liebert gxt5

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UPS Vertiv Liebert gxt5 Price

Brand Emerson/ Vertiv
Model Vertiv Liebert GXT5
UPS  Rating 500 KVA Online ups
Warranty 1 Year
Rated Voltage 83-159V AC (singal-phase )

UPS vertiv liebert gxt5

Product description

UPS vertiv liebert gxt5 from Vertiv offers high power outage protection, continuous power conditioning, and rack or tower mounting in a compact and versatile configuration. Vertiv Liebert GXT5 single-phase UPS protects critical infrastructure in both centrally managed and edge network applications due to its high power efficiency. Additional flexibility is provided by scalable runtime options with corresponding external battery cabinets. As part of the Liebert GXT5’s intelligent battery health management, the device displays the battery health status and an estimated replacement date.

UPS vertiv liebert gxt5 is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with high performance that delivers reliable and efficient power protection for critical IT infrastructure, such as servers, storage systems, network equipment, and other electronic devices. Small to medium-sized businesses, data centers, and edge computing environments can benefit from this versatile UPS system’s advanced power management capabilities.

A true double-conversion online power protection system, the Liebert GXT5 UPS supports a wide range of loads thanks to its high output power factor of 0.9. The UPS’s intelligent battery management system prolongs battery life and optimizes performance, while its automatic voltage regulation (AVR) technology ensures stable and clean power delivery even under unstable power conditions.

Additionally, Liebert’s GXT5 UPS is easy to deploy and manage. With its LCD interface, it is easy to monitor and configure, while its internal automatic bypass and hot-swappable batteries ensure maximum uptime and minimize disruption during maintenance.

key features of the UPS vertiv Liebert GXT5 include:

  • Easily integrates into a variety of IT environments with its compact and flexible design
  • Energy-efficient operation that reduces operating costs and energy consumption
  • Optional network and remote monitoring cards are also available, along with USB, RS-232, and SNMP communication options
  • Noise, sags, spikes, and surges are all covered

Overall, the Vertiv Liebert GXT5 is a reliable, high-performance UPS system that delivers advanced power protection and management capabilities for critical IT infrastructure.

benefits of ups vertiv liebert gxt5

  1. A Liebert GXT5 UPS provides dependable power protection to critical IT infrastructure, preventing downtime and damage to sensitive electronic equipment with its high-quality, double-conversion online power protection.
  2. The Liebert GXT5 UPS ensures continuous power availability to critical IT systems with its hot-swappable batteries and internal automatic bypass.
  3. This can translate to significant savings over the life of the UPS due to its efficient operation that reduces energy consumption and operating costs.
  4. The Liebert GXT5 UPS is compact and flexible, making it easy to integrate into data centers, edge computing environments, and small to medium-sized businesses.
  5. Liebert GXT5 UPS includes advanced monitoring and configuration capabilities such as an LCD interface, USB, RS-232, SNMP, as well as optional cards for network monitoring and remote operation.
  6. Liebert GXT5 UPS offers comprehensive protection against surges, sags, spikes, and noise. You do not have to worry about power interruptions disrupting your critical IT infrastructure.


What is the output power factor of the Liebert-GXT5 UPS?

UPS vertiv Liebert-GXT5 supports a wide range of loads due to its high power factor of 0.9.

What type of batteries does the Liebert-GXT5 UPS use?

UPS Liebert-GXT5 provides reliable backup power for critical IT infrastructure by using sealed lead-acid batteries.

Can the batteries in the Liebert UPS be hot-swapped?

 It is possible to replace the batteries in the Liebert UPS while it is running, ensuring maximum uptime and minimum disruption during maintenance.

What communication and connectivity options are available with the Liebert UPS?

UPS vertiv Liebert-GXT5  features advanced connectivity options, including USB, RS-232, SNMP, and optional network and remote monitoring cards.

What type of power disturbances does the Liebert-GXT5 UPS protect against?

It protects your critical IT infrastructure against power disturbances such as surges, sags, spikes, and noise with the UPS vertiv Liebert GXT5 .

What is the warranty period for the Liebert UPS?

Liebert’s UPS typically has a warranty period of one to three years, depending on the model and region. Additional warranty and service options are also available.


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