what is line interactive ups vs online ups

Hi, I’m Jagadish I want to introduce you today to some very compelling technology from APC online ups and what we’re demonstrating here I want to tell you about is the difference between their true online UPS system versus the industry-standard line-interactive UPS what we see here is the true online method of providing UPS this is what we call a double conversion method we have 120volts ac coming into our UPS it converts it from AC to DC and double conversion back from DC to AC for 120 volts awhile it’s doing that in parallel we have a battery the benefit of this that it’s wired in parallel if at any time we lose our 120-volt power input source the battery parallel immediately provides power there is no loss or of power so it is there’s a plus or minus 1% output voltage differential in comparison,

what is line interactive ups vs online ups

we have the line-interactive UPS in this method of providing UPS power we have120 volts ac coming into our transformer and it is providing 120 volts ac out if you notice there’s a switch here for our battery and this is what we call a tap switching transformer when it receives when we lose power there’s a switch that occurs that brings our battery into place so there is a plus or minus 10%output voltage regulation so this is a far superior method of providing power and not losing any power when we switch to battery by contrast with the tap switching transformer method of a line-interactive UPS,

what are line interactive ups vs online ups

we want to demonstrate the difference between the APC online ups’ true online UPS versus the development of the line-interactive UPS what we have here is the true online UPS we also have a voltage regulator which is going to simulate a change in input voltage from the grid that could be their brownout or a complete loss of power and we also have a light bulb connected to our true on line ups to demonstrate how power gets continued to be provided so as I turn the voltage regulator down you will notice on the display that I’ve dropped the power down to oh say 60 volts AC there’s no change in my light bulb this would be a brownout I’ve reduced power I’m still providing the hundred twenty volts 

AC output I can even go further and have a true power failure from the grid by turning this off as you will see continuous power to the light bulb there is no flicker no delay continues to provide a source to that by contrast you’ll notice some shortcomings with the line-interactive PS which I’m going to demonstrate right now we have our line-interactive UPS hooked up to our power regulator and  you’ll notice now when I reduce the power the battery comes on almost immediately there’s a flicker with the light\

what is line interactive ups vs online ups

as we have that battery change and you can now tell by the beeping that the battery is on did not occur with our on line ups also when I turn knob can bring that voltage back up battery goes off light flickers again now if I do a true loss of power from the grid again light flickers there’s a switch that’s that tap Sensei tap switching transformer going into effect and the battery is on  now so light flickers battery is on so that is a little shortcoming and the difference is we wanted to demonstrate between the true on line UPS and some of the shortcomings of a line-interactive UPS.what is line interactive ups vs online ups