10KVA Online UPS

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  • Unity Power Factor Output With 20-Battery Option.
  • High Efficiency up to 94% & True Double-Conversion.
  • DSP technology guarantees High Performance.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range (110-300 VAC) & Light Weight UPS
  • Active Input Power Factor Correction 0.99
  • 50Hz/60Hz Frequency Converter Mode & Emergency Power off Function (EPO).
  • ECO mode for Energy Saving & Adjustable Battery Numbers
  • SNMP/USB/RS-232 Communications & Maintenance Bypass.
  • Static Bypass Available & Optional N+X Parallel Redundancy.
  • Generator Compatible & Inbuilt Surge Protection with OVCD Available.


WEIGHT  :  33kg

10KV UPS Online Price

FAQ 10KV UPS Online Price 

What is a 10KVA Online UPS, and how does it differ from traditional UPS systems?

A 10KVA Online UPS is a robust Uninterruptible Power Supply system with a 10-kilovolt-ampere capacity. Unlike traditional UPS systems, it provides continuous power through its inverter, ensuring seamless operation during electrical outages without any transfer time.

What types of applications are suitable for a 10KVA Online UPS, and is it ideal for both home and business use?

A 10KVA Online UPS is versatile and suitable for various applications. It is ideal for powering critical loads in both home and business environments. Common applications include servers, data centers, medical equipment, industrial machinery, and other sensitive electronics that require uninterrupted power. You can check 10KV UPS Online Price at

How does a 10KVA Online UPS protect connected devices from power disturbances, such as surges and voltage fluctuations?

A 10KVA Online UPS employs advanced electronics and surge protection mechanisms to shield connected devices from power disturbances. It regulates the incoming power, delivering a clean and stable output, and provides protection against surges, voltage fluctuations, and other power quality issues.

Can a 10KVA Online UPS be expanded for additional backup time, and how does it handle extended power outages?

Yes, many 10KVA Online UPS systems allow for additional battery connections to extend backup time. The inbuilt intelligence of these systems manages the battery capacity efficiently, ensuring sustained power during extended outages. This flexibility is crucial for environments where uninterrupted power is paramount.

What maintenance is required for a 10KVA Online UPS, and how can users ensure its optimal performance?

Regular maintenance is essential for the optimal performance of a 10KVA Online UPS. This includes periodic checks of the battery health, ensuring proper ventilation, and following manufacturer guidelines. Scheduled inspections and timely replacements, when necessary, contribute to the longevity and reliability of the UPS. You can check 10KV UPS Online Price at

Is a 10KVA Online UPS suitable for use with generators, and how does it enhance power reliability in such setups?

Yes, a 10KVA Online UPS is often compatible with generators. It enhances power reliability in setups with generators by providing seamless transition during power outages. The UPS acts as a bridge, ensuring continuous power supply while the generator starts, eliminating any disruption to connected devices.

Can a 10KVA Online UPS be remotely monitored, and what management features does it offer for user convenience?

Many 10KVA Online UPS systems offer remote monitoring capabilities. Users can monitor the UPS status, battery levels, and other parameters through software interfaces or web-based platforms. Additional management features such as automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and overload protection enhance user convenience and control.

How does a 10KVA Online UPS contribute to energy efficiency, and are there eco-friendly features?

A 10KVA Online UPS often features advanced technology, such as double-conversion architecture, which not only ensures a stable power supply but also contributes to energy efficiency. Some models may include eco-friendly features, such as energy-saving modes, to optimize power consumption during periods of lower demand.

Can a 10KVA Online UPS be configured for parallel operation, and what benefits does this offer?

Yes, many 10KVA Online UPS systems support parallel operation, allowing users to connect multiple units for increased capacity. This configuration offers benefits such as scalability, improved fault tolerance, and the ability to meet growing power requirements in critical environments.

What factors should be considered during the installation of a 10KVA Online UPS, and is professional assistance recommended?

The installation of a 10KVA Online UPS requires careful consideration of factors such as load distribution, proper grounding, and adequate ventilation. Due to the complexity and critical nature of larger UPS systems, professional assistance is recommended to ensure correct installation, configuration, and integration with existing power infrastructure.

How does a 10KVA Online UPS handle sudden load changes, and what is its response time to fluctuations in power demand?

A 10KVA Online UPS is designed to handle sudden load changes effectively. Its response time to fluctuations in power demand is typically very short, ensuring a swift and seamless transition to accommodate varying loads. This feature is crucial for environments where equipment is subject to rapid changes in power requirements. View 10KV UPS Online Price at


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