Amaron AAM-CR-CRTT180 (180AH)

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Brand Amaron
Battery Model AAM-CR-CRTT180
Battery Series Current
Battery Rating 180AH
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Warranty 36 Months
Nominal Voltage 12 Volts
Application of Usage Inverter, Offline UPS

Unique Tubular/Flat positive plates designed for longer life.

Superior active material and the special alloy used for low maintenance of the battery Plate designed with special additives to get quick recovery from deep discharge suitable for frequent power cut areas Amaron Inverters  Batteries Price list 2023

Float guide vent plug for electrolyte level indicator.

Eco-friendly aqua trap vent plugs to ensure no acid fumes





Amaron Inverters Batteries Price list 2023 : Amaron 150ah battery price

Amaron AAM-CR-CRTT180 (180AH) Description

Amaron inverter batteries are compatible with any brand of inverters available in the market. When you buy an Amaron inverter battery, you enjoy a completely hassle-free experience as the battery uses a high heat resistant Calcium/ultra modified Hybrid alloy for its grids which makes it low maintenance Amaron 150ah battery price list 2023

  • High heat tolerance capacity makes it perfect for Indian weather conditions.
  • The factory charged has the highest reserve capacity.
  • Charging is easy and happens fast.
  • Less prone to lose water and hence maintenance not needed that often. Contains low lead reserve.

Features of Amaron AAM-CR-CRTT180 (180AH)

Electrical Load Recommended Inverter Rating Back-Up Time
2 Tubelight + 2 Fan + 1 TV + 3 CFL 600 to 1050 VA 6:00 to 6:15 Hours
2 Tubelight + 4 Fan + 1 PC + 3 CFL 600 to 1050 VA 4:00 to 4:30 Hours
5 Tubelight + 7 Fan + 1 PC + 7 CFL 600 to 1050 VA 2:15 to 2:30 Hours

Specifications of Amaron AAM-CR-CRTT180 (180AH)

Battery Capacity
180 Ah
48 Months(36 Months Free Of Cost + 12 Months Pro Rata)
Battery type
Tall Tubular Battery
400 X 190 X 505

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What makes Amaron Inverter Batteries a reliable choice for power backup?

Amaron Inverter Batteries are renowned for their reliability, efficient performance, and durability. With advanced technology and high-quality materials, they provide a consistent power supply during outages, ensuring the smooth operation of your appliances.

How do I choose the right Amaron Inverter Battery for my power backup needs?

Choosing the right Amaron Inverter Battery involves considering factors such as your power requirements, the capacity of the battery, and the type of inverter you have. Amaron offers a range of batteries with different capacities, and selecting one that aligns with your specific needs ensures optimal performance and longevity.

Can Amaron Inverter Batteries be used with inverters from other brands?

Yes, Amaron Inverter Batteries are designed to be compatible with a variety of inverter brands. However, for optimal performance, it is recommended to pair them with Amaron inverters. Ensure that the battery voltage and capacity match the specifications of your inverter for seamless integration.

What is the expected lifespan of Amaron Inverter Batteries, and how can I maximize their longevity?

The expected lifespan of Amaron Inverter Batteries depends on factors such as usage, maintenance, and environmental conditions. Regular maintenance, including checking water levels in lead-acid batteries, keeping terminals clean, and following Amaron’s guidelines, can contribute to maximizing the batteries’ longevity.

Can I use Amaron Inverter Batteries in solar power systems?

Yes, Amaron Inverter Batteries are suitable for use in solar power systems. You can integrate them with solar inverters to store solar energy for later use. This eco-friendly solution not only provides backup power during outages but also allows you to harness renewable energy.