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Amaron inverter batteries will work with any brand of inverter on the market, so you’re never left without power. An Amaron inverter battery is zero-maintenance as it uses a calcium/ultra modified hybrid alloy for its grids that are heat resistant.


  • For deep cycling applications, RobustaTM Spine grids are made from robust antimony alloy die cast at high pressure.
  • Battery’s Satiated wet pasteTM is a dense & homogenous active material that delivers consistent power & long-lasting performance
  • A cell bridge construction prevents internal shorts caused by shedding by creating a bridge in the container for active material to settle.
  • With AMARON Current EV’s ACS Activation Process, uniform conversion and narrow voltage variation in a string of batteries is achieved through acid circulation technique.
  • With CIBTM, acid spewing is minimised and ICAT safety standards are met through a drain-back system.

Here are five benefits of using an inverter battery in India

Have you ever had to deal with a day without power?

Do you know the best way to deal with this problem? As a result of the modern world we all live in, we can’t even go a day without power because some essential appliances need power to operate. What if there is a problem with power outages frequently in your area? In that circumstance, what will you do? The inverter battery is utilized in this setting as an adequate power backup option that guarantees low upkeep and high reliability. 

What is a battery with an inverter?

The ideal power backup solutions are inverter batteries and UPS, which convert DC current into AC current to power our electrical appliances on AC power and were developed specifically for this purpose.

The best inverter battery’s primary function is to accommodate the electric charge supply. The best inverter batteries in Noida are available from reputable manufacturers like Exide, Luminous, and Amaron, and they can be purchased online at a reputable online store like Battery Mantra. 

What advantages does an inverter battery provide?

Let’s talk about all the advantages of using an inverter battery in this case: Provide an Uninterruptible Supply of Power The battery is the most important product that can make the difference between a good day and a bad one. Because of this, the best inverter battery should be used in a power backup system to ensure a constant supply of power.

Require High Reliability and Low Maintenance As all Indians are aware, India experiences frequent power outages. Nonetheless, it is essential for us to invest in the best inverter battery for your power inverter, one that requires little upkeep and is highly reliable.

Performs Well Even in Extreme Conditions In today’s world, the use of numerous large devices necessitates AC power, as DC power cannot provide sufficient voltages. The inverter battery is built to perform well in a variety of conditions, including extreme weather, prolonged power outages, and climate change.

Affordable and Rechargeable Power Solution In India, an inverter battery can be recharged, supports faster charging, and provides a significant amount of current. Inverter battery performs with extraordinary effectiveness and is an exceptionally solid item. Additionally, it emits no harmful emissions. Additionally, it is one of the most cost-effective power backup options available, allowing anyone to enjoy an unbreakable power supply for an extended period of time.

Contact Battery Mantra if you want to buy an inverter battery near me. They have a selection of high-quality inverter batteries from well-known brands like Luminous, Exide, and Amaron, among others, that are some of the best power solutions. The inverter batteries are carefully designed to be long-lasting and have a longer service life.