Amaron Quanta 26AH battery


Amaron Quanta smf battery 26ah12v

Brand Amaron
Battery Model 12AL026
Battery Series Quanta
Battery Rating 26 AH
Battery Type SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free)
Warranty 24 Months
Tax  Incl. GST
Nominal Voltage 12 Volts
Application of Usage Online UPS, Telecom
Dimensions (L*W*H) in mm 199 *167 *175 mm
Weight in Kgs (approx.) 9 Kgs




Amaron Quanta 26AH Battery :

Maintenance-Free Power for Inverters and UPS Systems

The  12v 26ah battery price is a maintenance-free, sealed maintenance-free (SMF) battery that delivers reliable and long-lasting power for a range of applications, including inverters and UPS systems. With a capacity of 26Ah, this battery offers a high level of performance and efficiency. Its compact design and plug-and-play installation make it easy to use and maintain.quanta battery 26ah smf vrla

amaron quanta 26ah battery price

Invest in the battery 26ah smf vrla 12v 26AH battery for reliable power and peace of mind. To learn more about the benefits of SMF batteries, visit the official Amaron website. They have detailed information and specifications of their product line, including the Amaron  26AH battery, on their amaron quanta 12v 26ah battery life  Product Information Page.

This word suggests high-performance

What is SMF battery?

SMF stands for Sealed Maintenance-Free Battery. It is a type of rechargeable lead-acid battery that is sealed, meaning it does not required any maintenance such as adding distilled water water to the batetry cells.
The term “maintenance-free” refers to the fact that the battery does not need to be opened for maintenance, but it may still require charging or replacement over time. SMF batteries are commonly used in applications such as uninterruptible power supplies, backup power systems, and electric vehicles. Amaron Quanta 26AH Battery

Product Specifications:

Brand Amaron Quanta SMF Batteries
Rated Capacity 26 Ah
Warranty 24 Months
Warranty Details 24 months manufacturing warranty applicable
Applications UPS, Solar, Power Packs, Laboratory Equipment, Spray machine etc.
Useful For APC Backups, Online UPS
Battery Voltage 12 V
Relative Humidity Operating Relative Humidity: 0-95%, Storage Relative Humidity: 0-95%
Dimensions 167x126x175 mm / 9 Kg
Material Container & Lid: ABS
Battery Type Lead-acid battery with suspended electrolyte: Leak-proof
Weight (approx) 9 kg
Suitable For UPS System, Telecommunication Equipment, Fire Alarm & Security System, Office Automation Equipment, EPABX & Electronic
Color Grey
Battery Capacity 26 Ah
Model 12AL026
Operating Environment 0 – 40 deg C
Item Code 12AL026
Storage Temperature -5 – 45 deg C
Output Frequency 47 – 63 Hz
Items in Pack 1 Piece


What makes the Amaron Quanta 26AH battery a reliable choice for power backup applications?

The Amaron Quanta 26AH battery is a reliable choice known for its high energy density and long service life. Its advanced design and robust construction make it suitable for a wide range of power backup applications, ensuring a consistent and efficient power supply.


The Amaron Quanta 26AH battery’s reputation for reliability stems from its ability to deliver sustained power and withstand frequent charge-discharge cycles. Whether used in inverters or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, it offers a dependable solution for users seeking consistent power backup.

How does the Amaron Quanta 26AH battery contribute to energy efficiency and potential cost savings for users?

Engineered for optimal energy efficiency, the Amaron Quanta 26AH battery minimizes energy losses during power conversion. This not only contributes to potential cost savings over time but also aligns with eco-friendly practices, making it a sustainable choice for users prioritizing efficient and reliable power solutions.


The Amaron Quanta 26AH battery’s focus on energy efficiency ensures effective power utilization, reducing overall operational costs and providing users with a cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution. Its longevity further enhances its value, offering sustained performance over an extended period.

Can the Amaron Quanta 26AH battery withstand frequent power fluctuations and maintain performance?

Yes, the Amaron Quanta 26AH battery is designed to withstand frequent power fluctuations effectively. Its robust construction and advanced technology enable it to handle varying charge and discharge cycles, ensuring consistent performance even in environments with unstable power conditions.


The Amaron Quanta 26AH battery’s durability and resilience make it well-suited to environments with frequent power fluctuations. Its ability to maintain performance under challenging conditions ensures that users can rely on it for a stable power supply in diverse applications.

Is the installation process of the Amaron Quanta 26AH battery user-friendly for both technical and non-technical users?

Yes, the installation process of the Amaron Quanta 26AH battery is designed to be user-friendly, catering to both technical and non-technical users. Clear instructions and intuitive features simplify the installation, making it accessible for a wide range of users.


The Amaron Quanta 26AH battery prioritizes user convenience, and its installation process reflects this commitment. Whether users have technical expertise or are new to battery setups, the straightforward installation, accompanied by clear instructions, ensures a hassle-free experience.

How does the Amaron Quanta 26AH battery contribute to the overall performance of inverters and UPS systems?

The Amaron Quanta 26AH battery significantly contributes to the overall performance of inverters and UPS systems. Its high energy density, coupled with efficient power delivery, ensures that these systems can provide reliable and uninterrupted power backup for extended durations.


In inverters and UPS systems, the Amaron Quanta 26AH battery’s high energy density plays a crucial role in delivering sustained power. This contribution enhances the overall performance of these systems, making them effective solutions for users requiring dependable power backup in various applications.

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