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Complete details of 3kVA online UPS with inbuilt battery

A 3kVA online UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with inbuilt battery is a power backup system that provides continuous power supply to critical devices even in the event of power outages or fluctuations. It has a power rating of 3kVA online UPS or 2400 watts and is ideal for use in small to medium-sized businesses, data centers, or other critical applications that require uninterrupted power supply.

The inbuilt battery in the UPS provides backup power for a specific duration depending on the load connected to it. The backup time can range from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the battery capacity and load connected to the UPS.

The online UPS provides a clean and stable power supply by regulating the input voltage and frequency, and it also protects connected devices from power surges and spikes. In the online UPS, the AC input is converted into DC and then back to AC using an inverter. The inverter continuously powers the connected devices, while the battery provides backup power in case of a power outage or fluctuation.

Some features that you may find in a 3kVA online UPS with inbuilt battery include LCD display for real-time status updates, automatic voltage regulation (AVR), surge protection, and automatic shutdown in case of overload or low battery.

Overall, a 3kVA online UPS with inbuilt battery is a reliable and efficient power backup system that can keep your critical devices running during power outages or fluctuations.

Features and benefits of Smart Online UPS:

1. Available at:

  • Easily add additional runtime as needed with scalable runtime.
  • When utility power is restored, the connected equipment is automatically restarted.
  • Battery charging with temperature compensation prolongs battery life by regulating charge voltage.
  • While batteries are being replaced, protected equipment continues to receive clean, uninterrupted power
  • Optimises battery performance, life, and reliability with intelligent, precision charging.
  • UPS power overload or faults are automatically bypassed by an automatic internal bypass.

2. Capacity for adaptability:

  • Install maintenance releases of firmware remotely using FTP by flashing upgradeable firmware.
  • External batteries ensure clean, uninterrupted power to loads when adding extra runtime to UPSs.
  • When moving from tower to rack-mount environment, this UPS is rack/tower convertible.

3. Availability of services

  • With user-replaceable batteries, the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) can be reduced since a trained user can upgrade and replace the batteries.
  • Battery self-testing Periodic battery self-tests ensure the early detection of worn out batteries.
  • Disconnected battery notification Warns when backup power is not available due to a disconnected battery.
  • Detection of failures in advance. Analyzes faults early, ensuring proactive component replacement.
  • Provides notification of changing utility power conditions and UPS power conditions