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Complete details of Eaton 3kva Online UPS

An Eaton 3kVA online UPS system provides robust, reliable, compact, and efficient power management solution for mission critical applications that protects against downtime and data loss. The Eaton 9E-IN delivers more power in a smaller space and saves energy due to its highly efficient design, offering efficiency > 91% when online. Designed specifically for harsh Indian conditions and conditions of power supply, the Eaton 3kva online UPS provides stronger protection against inrush current and is more adaptable to grid power conditions.

A 3kVA online UPSL from Eaton offers the following features and performance:

  • Double conversion IGBT-based rectifier with robust design
  • An input voltage range of 160-300 volts at 100% load (derating linearly to 50% load at 100 volts input).
  • A generator compatible with a wide range of input voltages 
  • Double conversion efficiency >91% and ECO mode efficiency >98% 
  • Load at 100% at 0°C operating temperature. 

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, the Eaton 3kVA online UPS provides reliable and efficient power protection. During power outages or fluctuations, it maintains continuous power to connected devices, protecting critical systems.

Here are some key features of the Eaton 3kVA online UPS:

  1. Online double-conversion topology: This technology provides the highest level of power protection by converting AC power to DC power and back to AC power, providing clean and stable power to connected devices.
  2. Hot-swappable batteries: The UPS has hot-swappable batteries that can be replaced without shutting down connected devices, ensuring continuous operation.
  3. LCD display: The UPS features an easy-to-read LCD display that provides important information such as input and output voltage, battery status, and load capacity.
  4. Multiple communication options: The UPS can be connected to a network and managed remotely using SNMP, HTTP, or Telnet. It also has USB and RS-232 ports for local management.
  5. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): The UPS has AVR technology that stabilizes voltage fluctuations and protects connected devices from power surges.
  6. Scalable runtime: The UPS can be configured with additional battery packs to provide extended runtime during power outages.

Overall, the Eaton 3kVA online UPS is a reliable and feature-rich solution for businesses that require high-quality power protection for their critical systems.