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Features of the 10kva online ups

A 10kVA online UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a device used to provide backup power in case of power outages, voltage sags, or voltage surges. It is designed to provide continuous, clean, and stable power to critical loads such as servers, data centers, telecom equipment, and other mission-critical devices.

The following are some of the key features and specifications of a typical 10kVA online UPS:

Capacity: A 10kVA online UPS is capable of providing 10,000VA or 10kW of power to connected loads.

Online double conversion: The UPS uses online double conversion technology, which means that the power is continuously filtered and conditioned before being supplied to the load.

Input voltage range: The input voltage range of a 10kVA online UPS is typically between 208VAC and 240VAC.

Output voltage: The output voltage of the UPS is usually 208VAC or 120/208VAC.

Battery backup: The UPS comes with a built-in battery backup that can provide power for a certain period of time, depending on the load.

Efficiency: A high-quality 10kVA online UPS can offer an efficiency of up to 95%.

Form factor: A 10kVA online UPS is usually available in a rack-mountable form factor, making it easy to install in a standard data center rack.

Communication interface: The UPS comes with various communication interfaces, including RS232, USB, SNMP, and Ethernet, for remote monitoring and management.

Advanced features: Some advanced features of a 10kVA online UPS include hot-swappable batteries, automatic bypass, and redundancy.

Overall, a 10kVA online UPS is an excellent choice for organizations that need reliable and uninterrupted power for their critical applications.

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  • A UPS that has an automatic internal bypass provides utility power to connected loads in the event of an overload or failure.
  • ECO Mode
    maintains high operating efficiency without sacrificing protection by bypassing unused electrical components under good power conditions
  • EPO
    Ensure that the device is connected to an Emergency Power Off (EPO) system so that it can be turned off in an emergency.
  • Hard Wire Input
    For maximum output wattage to protected equipment, UPSs require hard wire inputs

Input power factor correction
allows smaller generators and cabling to be used, which reduces installation costs.