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Inverter and Battery with Trolley for Home, Office, & Shop


Inverter and Battery with Trolley for Home: Due to frequent power cuts, there’s a growing demand for high-quality inverters in the market. After all, you need uninterrupted access to Wi-Fi, the ability to charge your phone, illumination when it’s dark, and climate control during extreme temperatures. This reliance on electricity prompts many households and businesses to invest in inverter batteries to mitigate power outages and fluctuations.

To ensure your devices operate smoothly and prolong their lifespan by safeguarding them against voltage variations, investing in a top-notch inverter with a reliable battery backup is crucial. At OnlineUPS, we offer the finest inverter and battery combinations from leading brands at competitive market rates.

OnlineUPS stands out as a premier supplier of genuine, exceptional inverter and battery sets backed by extensive warranties. Our range includes high-quality Inverter and Battery Combos that are not only reasonably priced but also of exceptional quality. You can enhance the backup capacity of your inverters with our durable machine and battery combos. Among our top-selling products are the Luminous and Livguard inverter battery combos, renowned for their long-term battery backup, catering to all essential systems and appliances at home or the office.

Whether you’re a first-time inverter buyer or seeking an upgrade for increased capacity and backup, you can always rely on OnlineUPS. We cater to diverse needs with our array of inverter machine and battery combinations, meticulously crafted to ensure compatibility, power output, and reliable after-sales service.

Why opt for an inverter battery combo?

  1. Price advantage: Purchasing a combo is significantly more cost-effective than buying the items separately.
  2. Convenience: Combo purchases expedite delivery and installation, as both items arrive simultaneously.
  3. Compatibility: We ensure that the battery provided with the inverter is perfectly compatible, eliminating compatibility issues.
  4. Warranty convenience: With a combo purchase, there’s no need to engage multiple companies or stores for warranty claims.

How to choose the right Inverter Battery for Home?

Before purchasing an inverter with a battery for your home, calculate the total power consumption of the appliances you intend to use. This estimation will guide you in selecting the appropriate inverter capacity. For heavy appliances, opt for a higher capacity battery to ensure longer backup durations. Additionally, prioritize warranties and invest in high-quality batteries from reputable brands like Luminous to maximize inverter lifespan.

Why Buy Battery Inverter Combos From OnlineUPS?

  • Quality assurance: Our combos are rigorously tested and sourced directly from brand storehouses.
  • Hassle-free replacements: Defective or damaged products are promptly replaced.
  • Wide selection: Choose from a diverse range of inverter battery combos at competitive prices.
  • Convenient payment options: Enjoy various payment modes, including cash-on-delivery and EMI facilities.
  • 24-hour support: Our helpline is available round-the-clock to address installation, warranty, or return queries.

In today’s world, where access to uninterrupted power is essential for various daily activities, the demand for high-quality inverters and batteries is on the rise. Power cuts have become a common occurrence, making it crucial for homes and businesses to invest in reliable backup solutions. At OnlineUPS, we understand the importance of ensuring uninterrupted power supply, which is why we offer a wide range of inverter and battery combos from leading brands at competitive prices.

Our inverter and battery sets are not only genuine and exceptional but also come with extensive warranties, providing our customers with peace of mind. Whether you’re looking to power essential appliances during outages or seeking a backup solution for your office equipment, our combos are designed to meet diverse needs. One of our bestselling products is the Luminous and Livguard inverter battery combo, known for its long-term battery backup and reliability.

When you purchase a combo from OnlineUPS, you not only benefit from cost savings but also convenience. With both items arriving together, installation becomes quicker, and you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors for warranty claims. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to make the buying process as seamless as possible.

Choosing the right inverter battery combo for your home or business is crucial for ensuring optimal performance. Before making a purchase, calculate the total power consumption of your appliances to determine the appropriate capacity. Additionally, consider factors such as warranty coverage and battery quality to maximize the lifespan of your inverter.

At OnlineUPS, we take pride in offering quality products and excellent customer service. Our combos undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability, and our hassle-free replacement policy ensures that you receive a prompt solution in case of any issues. With a wide selection of inverter and battery combos, convenient payment options, and 24-hour support, OnlineUPS is your trusted partner for uninterrupted power supply.