Luminous 2kva Inverter

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Luminous 2kva inverter

  • BrandLuminous
  • Product Code: CRUZE+ 2KVA with 2x ILTT25060
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Weight 147.25 KG
  • Dimension [LxWxH] 0x0x0 mm
Appliances supported
Max Power Output 1680 Watts
Typical loads Lights, Fans, TV, Music System, Water purifier, PC, Cordless phones, and other small devices
Heavy Duty loads Mixie, Refrigerator, 1HP pump

Typical Back-Up

Appliances Night Day Even
Light – 40 Watts 4 6
Fan – 60 Watts 4 4 6
TV(32″) / Laptop – 100 Watts 2 2
Desktop PC – 150 Watts 1
Battery Back-Up 15.8 hrs 5.3 hrs 3.4 hrs
  • 2KVA Sinewave Home UPS
  • 2 x 200AH Tall tubular battery
  • 2 x Digital Display,  Bypass switch
  • Digital Display,  Bypass switch
  • 24 months Warranty on UPS
  • 36 months Warranty on Battery ( 18 months Free replacement + 18 months Pro Rata)
  • Suitable for up to 4 BHK  homes  Luminous 2kva inverter with battery price


What is a Luminous 2KVA Inverter, and how does it provide power backup for homes and businesses?

A Luminous 2KVA Inverter is a power backup system with a 2-kilovolt-ampere capacity. It converts DC power from batteries into AC power, providing seamless electricity during outages. Ideal for both homes and businesses, it ensures uninterrupted power supply for essential appliances and devices.

What types of appliances can a Luminous 2KVA Inverter power, and is it suitable for residential use?

A Luminous 2KVA Inverter can power a variety of appliances, including fans, lights, computers, and televisions. It is well-suited for residential use, offering a reliable solution to keep essential devices operational during power interruptions.

How long can a Luminous 2KVA Inverter provide backup power, and can the backup time be extended?

The backup time of a Luminous 2KVA Inverter depends on factors such as the connected load and battery capacity. On average, it can provide backup power for a few hours. Users can extend the backup time by adding extra batteries, customizing the system according to their specific power requirements.

Is the Luminous 2KVA Inverter compatible with solar panels, and how does it support sustainable energy solutions?

Yes, many models of Luminous 2KVA Inverters are designed to be compatible with solar panels. This allows users to harness solar energy, reducing dependence on the grid and contributing to sustainable and eco-friendly power solutions.

How does the Luminous 2KVA Inverter handle voltage fluctuations and ensure the safety of connected devices?

The Luminous 2KVA Inverter is equipped with advanced voltage regulation and surge protection features. It actively monitors and adjusts the input voltage, ensuring a stable and regulated power supply to connected devices. This protects them from potential damage caused by voltage fluctuations and surges.

Is professional installation required for the Luminous 2KVA Inverter, and what factors should be considered during the installation process?

Professional installation is recommended for the Luminous 2KVA Inverter to ensure correct setup, wiring, and configuration. Factors such as proper grounding, ventilation, and compliance with safety standards should be considered. Professional technicians can optimize the installation, minimizing the risk of issues and ensuring reliable performance.

What maintenance is required for the Luminous 2KVA Inverter, and how can users ensure its longevity?

Regular maintenance is essential for the longevity of a Luminous 2KVA Inverter. This includes checking the battery health, ensuring proper ventilation, and following the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance intervals. Regular inspections and timely replacements, when necessary, contribute to the overall reliability of the inverter.

Can a Luminous 2KVA Inverter be used in conjunction with a generator, and how does it enhance power reliability in such setups?

Yes, a Luminous 2KVA Inverter can be used in conjunction with a generator. This enhances power reliability by providing seamless transition during power outages. The inverter acts as a bridge, ensuring continuous power supply while the generator starts, eliminating any disruption to connected devices.

How does the Luminous 2KVA Inverter address concerns related to power quality, such as harmonic distortions?

The Luminous 2KVA Inverter is designed to mitigate power quality issues, including harmonic distortions. It utilizes advanced electronics and filters to provide a clean and stable power output, ensuring that connected devices receive high-quality electricity.

What warranty coverage is offered with the Luminous 2KVA Inverter, and what does it include?

The warranty coverage for the Luminous 2KVA Inverter varies by model and region. Users should refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for detailed information on warranty duration and coverage. Typically, warranties cover manufacturing defects and faults in materials. Registering the inverter and retaining the purchase invoice are usually required to avail warranty services.