Luminous Optimus 2300 2000VA with rc 18000 battery


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Luminous Optimus 2300 2000VA with rc 18000 battery


Recommended Double & Triple Bedroom House
Battery Backup time 2 to 10 Hours
Inverter Model & Waveform Luminous Inverter Cruze 2KVA Sinewave output
Battery Model & Capacity Luminous Redcharge RC 18000 150 Ah Tall Tubular
Inverter Warranty 2 Years On-site warranty
Battery Warranty 36 Months (18M Replacement Guarantee+18M Pro-rata warranty)
Delivery Within 12 hours Luminous Optimus 2300 2000VA with rc 18000 battery

 Luminous Optimus 2300 2000VA with rc 18000 battery

luminous cruze 2kva inverter with rc 18000 battery Cruze have you ever imagined running heavy appliances like AC on an inverter surprised it’s not science fiction any more presenting to you state-of-the-art cruise range of UPS systems by luminous with this you can run heavy loads like AC dental chair photocopier petrol bomb printer refrigerator water pump deep freezer water Geezer along with your regular lighting loads. Luminous Optimus 2300 2000VA with rc 18000 battery

Luminous cruise ranges next-generation technology power backup product it offers a sine wave supply just like the grid power thereby protecting the life of your expensive and sensitive appliances luminous cruise is a perfect now Backup solution for your home office and other workplaces life sweet shops showrooms ice cream parlors educational institutions coaching Institutes hospitals retail shops banks restaurants and beauty parlors Luminous Cruze  range comes in VA ratings starting from two KVA to 10k VA this low chart will help you to select the most suitable UPS system for your requirement please note that loads can be run one@ time here we are showing the installation


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