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10 kva ups price with battery |10 kva ups price |Online UPS

on-line power protection with scalable runtime

Brand GPS
Model & Series GPS10000
Type Online UPS With Isolation Transformer
Rating in VA, Watts 10000 VA, 8000 Watts
Battery Module External Battery Module
No’s of Battery Required Sixteen Batteries – 16 Nos  included in this purchase
Battery Type SMF – VRLA
DC Voltage 192V
Warranty 24 Months UPS and Battery
GST included
Weight in Kgs (approx.) 75,Kgs UPS
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Note:1. Specifications may subject to change without prior notice 2. UPS, Battery, Rack, Battery cable, is  included in this purchase



Brand GPS 10KVA
Model & Series GPS10000
Type Online UPS
Rating in VA 10000 VA 
Waveform Pure Sine Wave online
Battery   included in this purchase
Battery Module External Battery Module 
Isolation transformer Yes
No’s of Battery Required 16 Nos
Battery Type SMF – VRLA 
DC Voltage 196V
Technology Micro Processor Control 
Warranty 12 Months
Dimensions (D*W*H) in mm L,H,W
Nominal Input Voltage 380/400/415
Nominal Output Voltage 230
Weight in Kgs (approx.) 75Kgs
Battery Brand Exide SMF VRL
Model 12V 65AH 16 No
Battery Warranty 24 Months
Battery stand M,S Rack 1no
DC Cable Battery to ups 4m cable 4×2


  • Pure Sine wave online power conditioner .
  • Configuration as a frequency converter
  • Bi-directional static switch for redundant systems
  • Advanced optional features using microprocessor
  • User friendly LCD display panel (optional) 10 kva ups price with battery


  • PROCESS CONTROL etc., 10 kva ups price with battery


What is a 10 KVA UPS, and how does it differ from other UPS systems?

A 10 KVA UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supply, is a high-capacity device that provides a continuous power source during electrical outages. It differs from smaller UPS systems by its ability to support larger loads, making it suitable for applications with higher power requirements.

What types of loads can a 10 KVA UPS support?

A 10 KVA UPS is versatile and can support a wide range of loads, including critical equipment in data centers, industrial machinery, medical facilities, and commercial establishments. It is designed to ensure uninterrupted power to sensitive electronics, servers, and other essential devices.

How does a 10 KVA UPS contribute to energy efficiency in a facility?

A 10 KVA UPS often features advanced technology, such as double-conversion architecture, to provide clean and stable power. This not only protects connected devices from power interruptions but also contributes to energy efficiency by minimizing energy losses and optimizing power usage.

Can a 10 KVA UPS be used in conjunction with a generator for extended backup during prolonged outages?

Yes, a 10 KVA UPS can be integrated with a generator to provide extended backup power during prolonged outages. This dual power source configuration ensures continuous and reliable power supply for critical applications in settings where uninterrupted power is essential.

How does a 10 KVA UPS handle power fluctuations, surges, and voltage variations?

A 10 KVA UPS is equipped with advanced electronics and surge protection features to handle power fluctuations, surges, and voltage variations. It continuously monitors the input power and adjusts the output to provide a stable and regulated power supply, protecting connected devices from potential damage.

What is the typical installation process for a 10 KVA UPS, and does it require professional assistance?

The installation of a 10 KVA UPS can vary based on the model and specifications. Generally, due to the complexity and critical nature of larger UPS systems, professional assistance is recommended. Certified technicians can ensure proper installation, configuration, and integration with existing power systems.

What warranty options are available for 10 KVA UPS, and what do they cover?

Warranty options for 10 KVA UPS systems may vary among manufacturers. It’s essential to check with the specific brand or supplier for detailed warranty information. Typically, warranties cover manufacturing defects and faults in materials, ensuring peace of mind regarding the performance and reliability of the UPS.

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