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APC 6KVA Online UPS Price in India

apc 6kva online ups specification
Capacity 6 kVA / 4.2 kW
Topology Online Double Conversion
Input Voltage Range 160-275 V (Adjustable), 140-280 V (Full Load)
Output Voltage 230 V (Adjustable)
Frequency 50/60 Hz (Auto-sensing)
Power Factor 0.9
Efficiency Up to 92%
Battery Type Sealed Lead-Acid (Maintenance-free)
Battery Voltage 192 V DC
Battery Runtime (Full Load) Varies based on external battery configuration
Battery Runtime (Half Load) Varies based on external battery configuration
Display LCD Display with LED Indicators
Communication Ports RS-232, USB, SmartSlot for Network Management
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
Relative Humidity 0 to 95% (Non-condensing)
Dimensions (HxWxD) Varies based on model; typically around 432 x 196 x 584 mm (17 x 7.7 x 23 in)
Weight Varies based on model; typically around 40 kg (88 lbs)
Noise Level < 50 dB
Certifications CE, RoHS, ISO 9001:2015, IEC 62040-3, IEC 62040-1

APC 6kva online ups price in Bangalore

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Product description-

It provides reliable power protection for critical equipment and applications using a high-performance uninterruptible power supply. Data centers, server rooms, and other mission-critical environments can benefit from the UPS’s maximum output power of 6,000 VA or 6 kW.

Online double conversion technology is used within the APC 6kVA online UPS, which converts incoming AC power into DC power, then back into AC power. Connected equipment can be protected from electrical problems by using this technology.

This UPS has both plug-and-play and hardwired input and output connections. The UPS’s LCD display shows real-time UPS status information, battery life, and other key values.

The APC 6kVA online UPS features a hot-swappable battery, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to connected equipment. It maintains stable power even under unstable conditions through automatic voltage regulation (AVR).

Remote monitoring and management features, which enable remote monitoring and management, enable users to manage and monitor the APC 6kVA online UPS remotely. As a result of its advanced features and capabilities, this product is typically viewed as being high-end and has a varying price depending on the model and vendor.


Q: How much does an online UPS from APC 6kVA cost?

A: APC 6kVA online UPS prices vary depending on the model and vendor. However, due to this product’s advanced capabilities and features, it is considered a high-end model.

Q: What is the maximum output power of the APC online UPS 6kVA?

A: The maximum output power of this APC online UPS is 6kW, or 6,000VA.

Q: What are the inputs and outputs of APC’s 6kVA UPS?

A: This APC 6kVA online UPS includes hardwired and plug-and-play connections for easy installation, as well as a range of input and output connections.

Q: What information is provided by the LCD display of the APC 6kVA online UPS?

A: Displaying the UPS’s status, battery life, and other critical system parameters on the graphical LCD of the APC 6kVA online UPS provides real-time information.

Q: Does the battery for the APC 6kVA online UPS support hot swapping?

A: There is a hot-swappable battery on the APC 6kVA online UPS which enables a replacement without shutting down the system, which ensures continuous power supply to connected devices.

Q: Is the APC 6kVA online UPS equipped with automatic voltage regulation (AVR)?

A: Yes, the 6kVA APC online UPS uses automatic voltage regulation (AVR) that maintains a stable output voltage regardless of the condition of the power grid.

Q: Is it possible to remotely monitor and manage an APC 6kVA online UPS?

A: Remote monitoring and management capabilities are available in the APC 6kVA online UPS, so users can monitor and manage the UPS from a remote location.

Q: What sets the APC 6KVA Online UPS apart as a top-tier power backup solution?

The APC 6KVA Online UPS stands out as a top-tier solution due to its high capacity and online double-conversion technology, providing a reliable and seamless power supply for critical applications in various settings.

Q: How does the 6KVA capacity of this APC UPS address the power needs of businesses and critical infrastructure?

With a robust 6KVA capacity, this UPS is well-suited to address the power needs of businesses and critical infrastructure. It efficiently powers a variety of devices, ensuring uninterrupted operations during power outages and fluctuations.

Q: Can the APC 6KVA Online UPS protect connected devices from power disturbances and fluctuations effectively?

Absolutely. The online double-conversion technology in the APC 6KVA UPS ensures a consistent and clean power supply, protecting connected devices from power disturbances, surges, and fluctuations. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of critical electronics.

Q: How user-friendly is the installation process of the APC 6KVA Online UPS for businesses and IT professionals?

The APC 6KVA Online UPS is designed with user-friendly installation in mind. Businesses and IT professionals will find the setup process straightforward, often supported by clear instructions in the user manual. This ensures a hassle-free installation experience.

Q:. What kind of remote monitoring and management capabilities does the APC 6KVA Online UPS offer for enhanced control?

Many APC UPS systems, including the 6KVA model, come with remote monitoring and management capabilities. This allows users to monitor the UPS status, receive notifications, and perform necessary configurations from a remote location, enhancing overall control and convenience.


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