Delta Amplon INX 3KVA Online UPS with Inbuilt Batteries

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Online UPS with Inbuilt Batteries

Brand Delta
Model & Series Amplon INX
Type Online UPS with Inbuilt Batteries
Rating in VA, Watts 3000 VA, 2400 Watts
No’s of Batteries 12V, 9AH*6 No’s
Battery Type SMF – VRLA
DC Voltage 72V
UPS Warranty 24 Months
Battery Warranty 24 Months
Dimensions (D*W*H) in mm 190*421*318 in mm
Weight in Kgs (approx.) 25 Kgs



Delta 3kva ups price


  • Server
  • Network
  • Security
  • Home Appliances
  • POS
  • Banking

 Features Availability

  • True online double-conversion topology and zero transfer time to battery ensure high reliability
  • High input power factor corrector (> 0.99) for controlled sine wave AC output
  • Cold-start capability with temporary battery power when the utility power is out
  • Automatic bypass to transfer the load on mains in case of overload & internal fault
  • Battery deep discharge protection delta 3kva ups price


What is a Delta 3KVA UPS, and how does it ensure reliable power supply for critical applications?

A delta 3kva is a high-capacity Uninterruptible Power Supply designed for critical applications. It provides a seamless transition to battery backup during power outages, ensuring continuous and reliable power to connected devices, safeguarding them from disruptions.

What distinguishes the Delta 3KVA UPS from other UPS systems in terms of technology and performance?

The delta 3kva ups price often incorporates advanced technology, such as online double-conversion, ensuring the highest level of power protection. This technology provides a clean and stable power supply, making it suitable for sensitive electronic equipment and critical applications.

Can the Delta 3KVA UPS be customized to meet specific power backup requirements, and how scalable is it?

Yes, the delta 3kva  is often customizable to meet specific power backup needs. Its modular design allows for scalability, enabling users to expand capacity or runtime by adding additional modules or external battery packs, ensuring flexibility for evolving power requirements.

How does the Delta 3KVA UPS address concerns related to power quality, such as voltage fluctuations and harmonic distortions?

The delta 3kva ups price is equipped with advanced electronics and filters to regulate input voltage and mitigate harmonic distortions. This ensures a stable and clean power output, protecting connected devices from power quality issues and maintaining the longevity of critical equipment.

Can the Delta 3KVA UPS be remotely monitored, and what management features does it offer for user convenience?

Yes, many models of Delta 3KVA come with remote monitoring capabilities. Users can monitor the UPS status, input/output parameters, and receive alerts through user-friendly interfaces or web-based platforms. This feature enhances user convenience and allows for proactive management of the UPS system.

Is professional installation recommended for the Delta 3KVA UPS, and what factors should be considered during the installation process?

Professional installation is recommended for the delta 3kva ups price to ensure correct setup and configuration. Factors such as proper grounding, ventilation, and compliance with safety standards should be considered. Professional technicians can optimize the installation, minimizing the risk of issues and ensuring reliable performance.

How does the Delta 3KVA UPS contribute to energy efficiency and reduced operating costs?

The delta 3kva ups price often features high-efficiency components and eco-mode operation, minimizing energy losses and reducing operating costs. This energy-efficient design contributes to sustainability and cost savings over the UPS system’s lifespan.

What types of applications is the Delta 3KVA UPS suitable for, and is it designed for specific industries?

The delta 3kva ups price is suitable for a wide range of applications, including data centers, medical facilities, industrial settings, and critical infrastructure. Its robust design and high-performance capabilities make it versatile and applicable across various industries that require reliable power protection.

How does the Delta 3KVA UPS support green initiatives and sustainability in power management?

Many models of delta 3kva ups price are designed with eco-friendly features, contributing to green initiatives and sustainability in power management. These may include energy-efficient modes and technologies that reduce the environmental impact of the UPS system.

What warranty coverage is provided with the Delta 3KVA UPS, and what does it encompass?

Warranty coverage for the delta 3kva by model and region. Users should refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for detailed information on warranty duration and coverage. Typically, warranties cover manufacturing defects and faults in materials. Registering the UPS and retaining the purchase invoice are usually required to avail warranty services.


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