APC 40 kva UPS


APC 40KVA Online UPS System


High-performance APC 40 kva UPS for Reliable Power Backup Solutions

Description- Get uninterrupted power for critical equipment with the high-performance APC 40 kVA UPS. Explore its features and ensure reliable power backup solutions.

This APC 40 kVA UPS is a high-performance powered uninterruptible supply designed to protect sensitive equipment and applications from power interruptions. Large data centers, server rooms, and other mission-critical environments can benefit from this UPS’s 40,000 VA or 40 kW output power.

This APC 40 kVA UPS uses online double conversion technology to provide a reliable and consistent supply of power by converting AC power to DC power and then back again. It protects connected equipment from power surges, spikes, and other electrical disturbances.

There are several input and output connections available on the UPS, including hardwired and plug-and-play connections. It is equipped with a graphical LCD display that shows the UPS’s status, battery life, and other critical parameters in real-time.

APC’s 40 kVA UPS features hot-swappable batteries that can be swapped out without shutting down the system to ensure continuous supply of power to connected equipment. The system also provides stable power even with unstable power conditions thanks to automatic voltage regulation (AVR).

Remote monitoring and management capabilities are available on the APC 40 kVA UPS, enabling users to monitor and manage the UPS from a remote location. Generally speaking, the APC 40 kVA UPS is considered a high-end product because of its advanced features and capabilities.


Q: What is the price of the APC 40 kVA UPS?

A: There are several types and vendors of APC 40 kVA UPS with different prices. It is considered a high-end product despite its affordable price because of its sophisticated features and capabilities.

Q: How much power can the APC UPS with a 40 kVA output?

A: The 40 kW maximum power output capacity of the APC 40,000 VA UPS.

Q: How is the APC 40 kVA UPS powered?

The APC 40 kVA UPS’s online double conversion technology, which transforms incoming AC power into DC power before converting it back to AC power, offers a steady and reliable source of power.

Q: What connections exist for input and output?

A: The APC 40 kVA UPS includes a range of input and output connections, including hardwired connections and plug-and-play connections for easy installation.

Q: What information does the LCD display of the APC 40 kVA UPS provide?

A: The graphical LCD display of the APC 40 kVA UPS provides real-time information about the UPS’s status, battery life, and other critical system parameters.

Is the APC 40 kVA UPS’s battery hot-swappable?

A: The APC 40 kVA UPS is built with hot-swappable batteries that can be changed without shutting down the system, ensuring that the connected equipment has a constant source of power.

Do the APC 40 kVA UPS’s automatic voltage regulators (AVR) work properly?

A: Automatic voltage regulation (AVR), a function of the APC 40 kVA UPS, stabilises the output voltage to deliver reliable power even under uncertain power conditions.

Can the APC 40 kVA UPS be handled and monitored remotely?

A: The APC UPS does indeed have cutting-edge management features, including as remote monitoring and management, that let users handle the UPS from a distance.

What makes the APC UPS a preferred choice for businesses with critical power needs?

The APC UPS is a preferred choice due to its high capacity and advanced features, providing a reliable and uninterrupted power supply. Specifically designed for critical applications, it ensures continuous operations for businesses and data centers.

How does the 40 KVA capacity of this UPS cater to the power requirements of large-scale operations and data centers?

With a substantial 40 KVA capacity, this UPS is well-equipped to handle the high power demands of large-scale operations and data centers. It provides ample power backup, ensuring seamless operations and data protection during outages.

Can the APC UPS protect sensitive electronic equipment from power disturbances and fluctuations?

Absolutely. The APC UPS is designed with advanced technology, including online double-conversion, to protect connected devices from power disturbances such as surges, sags, and fluctuations. This ensures the safety and optimal performance of critical electronic equipment.

Is the installation and configuration of the APC UPS complex, or is it user-friendly for experienced professionals?

While installation complexity can vary, APC typically designs its UPS systems with user-friendly installation in mind. Clear instructions and intuitive interfaces are often provided, ensuring that experienced professionals can set up the APC 40 KVA UPS efficiently.

How does the APC UPS contribute to energy efficiency and operational cost savings for large-scale users?

The APC UPS is engineered for high energy efficiency, minimizing energy losses and contributing to operational cost savings over time. Its design aligns with modern sustainability practices, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for large-scale power solutions.


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