The Eaton 5kVA UPS is designed to protect critical equipment from power outages. The UPS provides clean, reliable power for connected devices and protects them from voltage fluctuations, spikes, and brownouts.

This UPS provides 5 kilovolt-amperes (kVA) of power and is compact enough to be installed easily anywhere. Because it has a battery built in, you can continue to operate your devices despite power outages.

There are also advanced features on Eaton 5kVA UPSs such as automatic voltage regulation (AVR), which controls the voltage for stable power levels, and hot-swappable batteries.


  • A Eaton 5kVA UPS ensures clean, reliable power without voltage fluctuations, surges, or brownouts.
  • Even during a power outage, a UPS’s built-in battery keeps your devices running.
  • AVR technology provides stable voltage levels for your devices so they are protected from power fluctuations.
  • Battery-operated UPSs are able to operate during power outages because they have hot-swappable batteries.
  • Eaton’s advanced monitoring features let you track your UPS and batteries, and you’ll receive alerts when problems arise.
  • Businesses and organizations can utilize the UPS in a variety of environments due to its compact design.
  • You can monitor and manage the Eaton 5kVA UPS remotely by connecting it to a network.


What is the average backup time for the Eaton 5kVA UPS?

It depends on the load connected to the Eaton 5kVA UPS as to how long the UPS can provide backup power. When a UPS is running at 50% load, it can provide approximately 14 minutes of backup time.

What is the length of time the battery takes to charge after an outage?

Depending on the size of the battery and the extent of discharge, the Eaton 5kVA UPS battery takes a certain amount of time to recharge. It usually takes several hours for the battery to fully recharge.

Are Eaton UPS batteries replaceable?

There is a hot-swappable battery in the Eaton 5kVA UPS, which allows for battery replacement without shutting down the entire system.

How does Eaton’s 5kVA UPS protect against surges?

There is surge protection included in the Eaton UPS 5kVA to protect connected devices from voltage spikes and surges.

Does the Eaton UPS 5kVA work with my computer or server?

There are many computers and servers that can be connected to the Eaton 5kVA UPS, but you need to make sure that the power requirements of your devices match the UPS’s power output.

Would it be possible to monitor my Eaton 5kVA UPS remotely?

It is possible to monitor and manage the Eaton 5kVA UPS remotely using software provided by Eaton by connecting it to a network.

Does Eaton’s 5kVA UPS come with a warranty?

UPS and battery warranties for Eaton 5kVA UPSs vary depending on the region and the seller, but they usually include a one-year warranty on the UPS and two-year warranty on the battery.


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