Eaton 3kva Online


Eaton 9E-IN 3KVA Online UPS


Brand Eaton 9E  Model (External Battery)
Wave type Sine wave
Output frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz sync to mains
Battery Type Not including
Output 230 VAC
Nominal Input Voltage 230 VAC
Tax Incl.GST
Application of Usage Telecom, Residential & SOHO Healthcare Retail, BFSI, Hotels, Office, Education, IT &, Infrastructure
Weight in Kgs (approx.)  25Kgs

Reliable Eaton 3kVA Online UPS for Efficient Power Protection

Description- Ensure efficient and continuous power protection with the reliable Eaton 3kVA Online UPS. Get uninterrupted power for critical equipment. Explore its features today.

Eaton 3kVA Online UPS protects systems and data during power surges, spikes, and power outages. With its advanced online double-conversion technology, your UPS stays reliable and consistent even under harsh conditions.

The compact and rugged design makes it ideal for data centres, network closets, and other mission-critical applications. Additional protection is offered by extending the battery runtime as well as the input and output voltage range.

A user-friendly LCD interface makes it easy for users to monitor battery life, power status, and other parameters. A USB, serial, or network interface is available for remote monitoring and management of the system.

There are many people who recommend it as a great mid-range UPS. It is possible for prices to vary depending on a variety of factors, including the vendor, location, and others.


How does an online UPS differ from other types of UPS?

A UPS converts AC power into DC power, then it converts DC power back into AC power. Inverters provide constant and stable output even if there is a surge or spike in power. Battery backups are required for UPS systems with line-interactive battery backups, but standby UPS systems do not.

What types of devices can I connect to the Eaton 3kVA Online UPS?

A reliable power source is essential when protecting computer servers, networking gear, storage systems, and other devices that require a reliable power source, such as the Eaton 3kVA Online UPS. A protective cover can also be used to protect sensitive electronic equipment. Examples include medical devices, laboratory equipment, and industrial control systems.

How long does the Eaton 3kVA Online UPS battery last, and can it be replaced?

Eaton’s 3kVA Online UPS is equipped with a standard internal battery that can provide up to 10 minutes of runtime at full load. It is possible to add additional battery modules to extend the runtime as needed. Hot-swappable batteries allow the UPS to be changed without shutting down.

What is the warranty for the Eaton 3kVA Online UPS?

An extended warranty of up to five years can be purchased with the Eaton 3kVA Online UPS. In addition to UPS systems, Eaton offers maintenance and troubleshooting plans.In addition to UPS systems, Eaton offers maintenance and troubleshooting plans.

How do I install and configure the Eaton 3kVA Online UPS?

A user manual and software are included with the Eaton 3kVA Online UPS that provide step-by-step instructions for installation and configuration. As part of Eaton’s support and training services, customers can set up and optimize their UPS systems.


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