Eaton 9145 3kva UPS


Eaton 9145 3kva Online UPS With Long Backup Model Price


Power protection for critical equipment and systems is provided by the Eaton 9145 3kVA UPS. With advanced features and technology, this power protection system offers superior performance and efficiency for businesses, data centers, and other applications.

Eaton’s 9145 3kVA UPS uses double-conversion technology to maintain constant output voltage and frequency during conversion of incoming AC power to DC power. A power outage won’t damage or disrupt your equipment, so you can rest assured it will receive clean, stable power.

The Eaton 9145 UPS 3kVA offers a combination of advanced power protection and efficiency. Due to its high efficiency rating of up to 95%, it reduces energy costs and reduces carbon footprint while still delivering optimal performance.

A hot-swappable battery module and an optional battery module for extended runtime are also available with the Eaton 9145 3kVA UPS. Monitoring and management can also be performed remotely with the system’s advanced management software.

It is generally considered a high-quality UPS with a corresponding price among Eaton 9145 3kVA UPS models. Its advanced technology and superior performance make it an excellent choice for businesses and organizations that need reliable power protection for critical equipment and systems.


Q: What is the price of the Eaton 9145 UPS with 3kVA?

A: There are a variety of Eaton 9145 3kVA UPS models available with different prices depending on the model and features. According to its price, this UPS belongs to the mid-range to high-end categories.

Q: Why should you consider Eaton’s 9145 UPS 3kVA?

A: Featuring hot-swappable batteries, external batteries, and increased runtime, the Eaton 9145 UPS offers reliable and efficient power protection. It is useful in data centers, businesses, or data centers to have these features.

Q: Can the Eaton 9145 3kVA UPS be easily installed and maintained?

A: Yes, the Eaton 9145 3kVA UPS has an easy installation and maintenance process. The device is equipped with hot-swappable batteries and an optional external battery module to extend its working time. It also features advanced management software that allows for remote monitoring and management.

Q: Is it possible to expand Eaton 9145 UPS 3kVA?

A:Eaton 9145 UPS 3kVA can be expanded with additional units or external battery modules.

Q: How efficient is the Eaton 9145 UPS with 3kVA?

A: Eaton 9145 3kVA UPS provides energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction by achieving a 95% efficiency rating.

Q: How long is the warranty on the Eaton 9145 3kVA UPS?

A: It is typically covered by a 1-year parts and labor warranty for the Eaton 9145 3kVA UPS. It is possible that the warranty terms will differ depending on the vendor and the model of the product.

What makes the Eaton 9145 3KVA UPS a reliable choice for critical power applications?

The Eaton 9145 3KVA UPS is a reliable choice for critical power applications due to its advanced features and robust design. It provides uninterrupted power to sensitive electronic equipment, making it an ideal solution for industries such as data centers, healthcare, and telecommunications.

How does the online double-conversion technology in the Eaton 9145 enhance its performance?

The Eaton 9145 3KVA UPS utilizes online double-conversion technology, ensuring a constant and clean power supply. This technology protects connected devices from power fluctuations, surges, and sags, providing a stable and reliable power source.

Can the Eaton 9145 3KVA UPS be customized to specific power requirements?

Yes, the Eaton 9145 3KVA UPS is designed with flexibility in mind. It can be easily customized to meet specific power requirements, allowing businesses to scale their power infrastructure based on their unique needs. This adaptability makes it a versatile solution for various industries.

How does the Eaton 9145 3KVA UPS contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings?

The Eaton 9145 3KVA UPS is engineered for high energy efficiency. Its advanced design and technology minimize energy losses, resulting in reduced operating costs over time. This not only benefits businesses financially but also aligns with sustainability goals.

What kind of warranty and support does Eaton provide for the 9145 3KVA UPS?

Eaton stands behind the reliability of its products, and the 9145 3KVA UPS comes with a comprehensive warranty. Details regarding the warranty period and coverage can be found in the product documentation, ensuring customers have peace of mind and support for their investment.


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