Delta Ultron EH 20KVA 240V Online UPS 3 Phase In 1 Phase Out


Delta Ultron EH 20KVA 240V Online UPS 3 Phase In 1 Phase Out

Specification Details
Brand Delta
Model & Series Ultron EH-20K, 3:1
Type Online UPS
Capacity 20 KVA, 16 KW
Battery Module External Battery Module
Battery Requirement Twenty SMF – VRLA Batteries
DC Voltage 240 Vdc
Warranty 24 Months
Dimensions 250610650 mm
Weight Approximately 45 Kgs

1.Specifications may be subject to change without prior notice

2. The battery is not included in this purchase


“Delta Ultron EH 20KVA 240V Online UPS: Powerful and Reliable

Elevate your power management with the superior and robust Delta Ultron EH 20KVA 240V Online UPS. Designed with larger applications in mind, this UPS system incorporates a three-phase in, one-phase out configuration, delivering an uninterrupted, stable power supply even under heavy loads.

Experience the unique blend of power and performance with this 20KVA UPS system, which guarantees the reliable operation of your crucial equipment. Its robust structure and high capacity ensure it can withstand substantial loads, making it a perfect fit for business infrastructures, data centers, and industrial equipment.

Advanced technology lies at the heart of the Delta Ultron EH 20KVA UPS, delivering unmatched stability and efficiency. The double conversion design isolates your sensitive equipment from power disturbances, ensuring they operate smoothly. Coupled with the automatic voltage regulation feature, it provides consistent voltage, protecting your devices from potential damage due to power fluctuations.

Thoughtfully designed for the user, this UPS features an intuitive LCD panel, providing comprehensive UPS status and power information with just a glance. This user-friendly design extends to its intelligent battery management, enhancing battery performance, and prolonging battery life. The Delta Ultron EH 20KVA UPS is not just an investment in reliable power supply – it is a commitment to cost-effective, efficient, and intelligent power management.

Secure your power supply today with the Delta Ultron EH 20KVA 240V Online UPS – the perfect balance of power, performance, and protection.

Delta Ultron EH 20KVA (3:1) Online UPS Features and Applications:

The Delta Ultron EH 20KVA (3:1) Online UPS stands out for its advanced technological features and a wide array of applications, delivering reliable and efficient power solutions.

Key Features:

  1. High Capacity: With a 20KVA and 16 KW power capacity, the UPS can handle substantial loads, making it ideal for larger applications.
  2. Three-Phase In, One-Phase Out: This design ensures a consistent power supply even under heavy loads and unstable power conditions.
  3. Double Conversion Technology: It isolates the output power from all input anomalies to offer pure and stable power, ensuring the safety of connected devices.
  4. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): The UPS consistently regulates voltage, protecting connected equipment from power fluctuations.
  5. External Battery Module: Allows extended battery runtime, suitable for applications requiring long backup time.
  6. Compact Design: The small footprint makes it ideal for locations with space constraints.
  7. User-Friendly Interface: Features an intuitive LCD panel for comprehensive UPS status and power information.


  1. Data Centers: Given its high capacity and robust structure, the Delta Ultron EH 20KVA (3:1) Online UPS is ideal for data centers where uninterrupted power is crucial.
  2. IT Infrastructure: Its double conversion technology and AVR make it suitable for IT infrastructure, protecting sensitive equipment from power disturbances.
  3. Telecommunication Equipment: Its reliable power supply and ability to handle heavy loads ensure the smooth operation of telecommunication equipment.
  4. Industrial Equipment: The UPS is robust enough to support industrial machinery, protecting it from any power anomalies.
  5. Office Equipment: It’s an excellent choice for businesses where maintaining continuity of operations is important.

Secure your power supply today with the Delta Ultron EH 20KVA 240V Online UPS – Click here to purchase now!


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