Vertiv 60 kVA Online UPS

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Vertiv 60 kVA Online UPS Specifications


Specification Details
Brand Vertiv Online UPS
Model & Series Liebert Hipulse -U
Type Online UPS
Rating in KVA 60 KVA
Battery Module External Battery Module
No’s of Battery Required Batteries – 32 Nos included in this purchase
Battery Type SMF – VRLA
DC Voltage 384 V
Warranty 12 Months UPS
GST Included
Weight in Kgs (approx.) 900 Kgs UPS

1. Specifications may be subject to change without prior notice

2. The battery is not included in this purchase


Vertiv 60 kVA Online UPS

Uninterrupted Power Supply with Vertiv 60kVA Online UPS

The Vertiv 60 kVA Online UPS is a premier power solution that guarantees an unbroken, high-quality power supply for your critical systems. With its advanced technology, this UPS assures high performance, robust protection, and reliable power management, ideal for large-scale industrial applications.

Advanced Features for Optimized Power Supply:

The Vertiv 60 kVA UPS is packed with innovative features – from double conversion efficiency to intelligent battery management. Its superior technology ensures optimal performance, enhanced battery lifespan, and comprehensive power protection, safeguarding your operations from any power disruptions.

High Capacity UPS for Large-Scale Operations:

Designed for large-scale use, the Vertiv 60 kVA Online UPS is perfect for businesses with high power requirements. With a massive 60kVA capacity, it is capable of supporting multiple systems and devices, ensuring seamless operations and minimizing the risk of costly downtime.



Feature Description
Control Technology Fully Digital, twin DSP controlled
Power Factor Rated at 0.9 output power factor to deliver more active power
Load Handling Handle leading power factor loads without KW derating under specified conditions
Inverter Type On-Line Double Conversion IGBT-based PWM Inverter
Input Voltage Tolerance Wide input voltage tolerance (+20/-20%)
Input Frequency Range Wide input frequency range of 45Hz to 65Hz
Overload Capability High overload capability of static bypass (14 times for 10 milliseconds and 10 times for 100 milliseconds)
Special Load Handling Capability to handle high crest factor loads, 100% non-linear loads, and 100% unbalanced loads
Maintenance Bypass Built-in maintenance bypass
Accessibility Front access for spares replacement and preventive maintenance
Architecture Easy Dual bus configuration architecture
Frequency Synchronization Adjustable frequency synchronization window up to 6% in the static bypass
Field Protocols ModBus / Jbus
Network Protocols SNMP
UPS Overload Capability 110% full load for 60 minutes, 125% full load for 10 minutes, 150% full load for 1 minute
Design Compact footprint


What makes the APC Back UPS 650 a reliable choice for home and small office users?

The APC Back UPS 650 is a reliable choice for home and small office users due to its compact design and robust power protection features. With battery backup and surge protection, it ensures uninterrupted power supply for essential electronics, safeguarding them against power fluctuations.

How long can the APC Back UPS 650 provide battery backup during a power outage?

The battery backup duration of the APC Back UPS 650 depends on the power load it supports. On average, it can provide several minutes of backup power, allowing users to safely shut down devices or continue working through short outages.

Can the APC Back UPS 650 protect sensitive electronics from power surges and spikes?

Yes, the APC Back UPS 650 is equipped with surge protection to safeguard sensitive electronics from power surges and spikes. This feature prevents potential damage to connected devices, including computers, routers, and other valuable electronics.

How does the APC Back UPS 650 contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings?

The APC Back UPS 650 often features energy-efficient design and Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology. These aspects help optimize energy consumption, providing cost savings over time while ensuring the connected devices receive stable and reliable power.

Is the APC Back UPS 650 easy to install and user-friendly for individuals with minimal technical knowledge?

Yes, the APC Back UPS 650 is designed to be user-friendly and easy to install. Its simple setup process makes it suitable for individuals with minimal technical knowledge. The user interface typically includes clear indicators for easy monitoring of power status.

1 review for Vertiv 60 kVA Online UPS

  1. onlineupsprice

    Title: Reliable Power Solution for Large-Scale Operations

    I purchased the Vertiv 60kVA Online UPS for my manufacturing business, and it’s proven to be a game-changer. Power disruptions used to be a major concern for us, as they often resulted in significant downtime and, consequently, financial losses. Since installing the Vertiv 60kVA Online UPS, we’ve noticed a dramatic decrease in these issues.

    The UPS delivers a consistent and clean power supply, ensuring that our equipment is safe from power fluctuations and outages. It handles our high-energy demands with ease, thanks to its impressive 60kVA capacity. The unit’s ability to handle 100% non-linear and unbalanced loads is a major plus, considering our extensive range of power-consuming devices.

    Another aspect I appreciate about this UPS is its compact footprint. Despite its high capacity, it doesn’t occupy much space, making it a suitable addition to our facility.

    Lastly, the built-in maintenance bypass and front-access design make it easy to conduct regular checks and maintenance, ensuring the UPS is always in top condition.

    I would highly recommend the Vertiv 60kVA Online UPS to any business with high power requirements. It’s a worthwhile investment that guarantees smooth, uninterrupted operations.

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