Emerson 30kva ups price


Emerson 30kva Online UPS Price 

Brand Emerson/ Liebert
Model  ITA2 30kVA UPS
UPS  Rating 30KVA Online ups
Battery Type    VRLA
Warranty 1 Year
Rated Voltage 380/400/415V AC(three-phase + singal phase)

Emerson 30kva ups price

Product Description

The Emerson 30kVA UPS is designed for data centers, industrial facilities, and other critical applications that require continuous and reliable power. This UPS offers a power output of It provides ample power for critical applications, including servers, storage devices, networking devices, and more. The power supply is 30kVA/27kW.

You can be sure that your equipment will always receive clean and stable power at all times, regardless of the quality of the input power, thanks to UPS’s double conversion technology. Because the UPS has a power factor of 0.99, the input current is minimized, thus reducing energy costs and overloading risks.

UPS data, battery life, load level, and other UPS status information are displayed on the intuitive LCD display of the Emerson 30kVA UPS. The UPS includes multiple communication ports, including USB, RS-232, and SNMP, making remote monitoring and management possible.

Emerson 30kva ups price

Emerson 30kva ups price is acceptable because of its features of hot-swappable batteries, making battery replacement easy without shutting down equipment, and an advanced battery management system that extends battery life.

The Emerson 30kVA UPS is an effective and reliable power protection solution ideal for large data centers, industrial facilities, and other critical applications.

key features of the
Emerson 30kva ups price

  • Using double conversion technology, the Vertiv 30 kVA Online UPS converts the incoming AC power into DC power and then back into AC power, providing continuous and clean power to connected equipment.
  • The UPS is designed for high efficiency, resulting in a reduced operating cost and a smaller carbon footprint in online mode and up to 99% efficiency in eco mode.
  • It is an ideal solution for critical applications that need extended backup power, as it can be equipped with external battery cabinets to increase runtime.
  • The UPS features advanced battery management capabilities to help maximize battery life and ensure reliable performance.
  • There are multiple communication ports on the Vertiv 30kVA Online UPS, including USB, RS232, and SNMP ports, for remote monitoring and management. This makes monitoring and managing the UPS easier for IT staff.
  • Easy integration into a variety of IT environments is made possible with the UPS’ flexible configuration for tower or rack mount installations.
  • With a 30 kVA power density and a small footprint, the Vertiv 30 kVA Online UPS is easy to fit into space-constrained IT environments.
  • It’s easy to replace and maintain components on the UPS because of its modular design.


benefits of Emerson 30kva ups

An Emerson 30kVA UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a high-performance power protection system that benefits businesses and organizations with critical equipment. Among its many advantages are:

  • The Emerson 30kva ups price provides continuous, reliable power to critical equipment, keeping it operational even during power outages.
  • A UPS with advanced battery management will ensure that backup power is always available, including automatic battery tests and hot-swappable batteries.
  • It can be easily scaled to meet changing power requirements by paralleling up to six UPS units.
  • With an energy efficiency of 96%, Emerson’s 30kVA UPS reduces data center energy costs and reduces their carbon footprint, helping to minimize carbon emissions.
  • It is designed with easy maintenance in mind, with components that can be accessed from the front and components that are easy to replace with a tool.
  • Remote monitoring, system management, automated shutdowns, and system restarts are all possible with the UPS’ network management card.


Q: What is the power output of the Emerson 30kVA UPS?

A: The Emerson 30kVA UPS supplies 30kVA/27kW of power.

Q: What type of technology does the Emerson 30kVA UPS use?

A: The Emerson 30kVA UPS provides true on-line power protection.

Q: What is the efficiency of the Emerson 30kva ups price?

A: A 30kVA-UPS from Emerson is engineered for high efficiency, with a 96% online efficiency and 99% eco-efficiency rating.

Q: Can the runtime of the Emerson-30kVA UPS be extended?

A: In order to increase the runtime of the Emerson-30kVA UPS, external battery cabinets can be installed.

Q: What types of communication ports are included with the Emerson 30kva ups price?

A: Emerson UPSs offer remote management and monitoring via USB, RS-232, and SNMP ports.

Q: Is the Emerson 30kVA UPS easy to maintain?

A: Emerson’s UPS has a modular design that makes it easy to replace and maintain components without affecting connected equipment.


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