Eaton 10kva UPS DXRT Online UPS

Original price was: ₹118000.Current price is: ₹106800.

Eaton Online UPS 10kva Single Phase

Brand Eaton DXRT  Model (External Battery)
Wave type Sine wave
Output frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz sync to mains
Battery Type SMF Not including
Output 230 VAC
Nominal Input Voltage 3:1 – VAC
Tax Incl.GST
Application of Usage Telecom, Residential & SOHO Healthcare Retail, BFSI, Hotels, Office, Education, IT &, Infrastructure
Weight in Kgs (approx.)  25Kgs



Best 10 KVA UPS in India EATON DXRT Online UPS

Eaton 10kVA UPS provides reliable and consistent power protection for critical equipment and systems. Power protection is essential for businesses, data centers, and other applications that require advanced features and technology.

The Eaton 10kVA UPS offers advanced power protection and is also efficient. The UPS offers up to 94% efficiency, which can help reduce energy costs and carbon footprints at the same time as providing high performance.

It comes with a user-friendly LCD, hot-swappable batteries, and an optional external battery module for extended runtime. Advanced management software facilitates remote monitoring and management.

Key features of Eaton 10kva ups priceDXRT Online UPS :

A variety of advanced features are provided by Eaton UPSs with a 10kVA capacity. The features of are as follows:

Dual-conversion technology: A double-conversion system ensures stable voltage and frequency by converting AC power into DC power and converting it back to AC power. A power outage won’t affect your equipment since it receives clean and stable power.

Effectiveness: Having an efficiency rating of 94%, the Eaton 10kVA UPS is highly reliable and efficient. Optimal performance and reduced energy costs will reduce carbon footprint.

LCD Display: A user-friendly LCD shows real-time UPS information including input and output voltages, battery runtimes, and other relevant parameters.

A hot-swappable battery: There are no power-down requirements when replacing Eaton’s 10kVA UPS batteries, as they are hot-swappable.

Batteries for External Modules: An external battery module is also available to extend the UPS’s runtime, so you can customize the backup power solution to your specific needs.

remote management system: Remote monitoring, control, and reporting are all possible with the Eaton 10kVA UPS thanks to advanced management software.

Affordability: It is possible to expand capacity by adding additional units or external batteries as needed with the Eaton 10kVA UPS.

The Eaton 10kVA UPS is generally considered a high-end UPS with a corresponding price, depending on its model and features. Businesses and organizations who need reliable power protection for critical equipment and systems can benefit from the advanced technology and superior performance of this UPS.

FAQs UPS Eaton 10kva

Q: What is the cost of Eaton’s 10kVA UPS?

A: A UPS with a 10kVA capacity from Eaton varies in price based on its particular model and features. As a result, this UPS has a high price tag and is considered to be a high-end product.

Q: The Eaton 10kVA UPS is worth the investment, but is it worth the cost?

A:If critical equipment and systems need reliable power protection, the Eaton 10kVA UPS is a worthwhile investment. Investing in it is a wise decision because of its superior performance and advanced technology.

Q: Why is it important to choose an Eaton 10kVA UPS?

A: There are a number of advanced features included with the Eaton 10kVA UPS, including double-conversion technology, high efficiency, LCD display, hot-swappable batteries, an external battery module, remote management capabilities, and scalability.

Q: Is it possible to expand Eaton’s 10kVA UPS?

A: In addition to supporting up to 10kVA of power, the Eaton 10kVA UPS is capable of expanding its capacity by adding additional units or external battery modules.

Q: Is it easy to install and maintain the Eaton 10kVA UPS?

A: Yes, the Eaton UPS is easy to install and maintain. Featuring hot-swappable batteries and advanced management software, the device can be monitored and managed remotely.

Q: What is the warranty on Eaton’s 10kVA UPS?

A: You will usually receive a warranty covering parts and labor for the Eaton UPS. It depends on the vendor and model whether the warranty is specific or not.


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