Luminous Optimus 4500 VA Inverter with 150 AH Battery RC 18000 & Stand

Original price was: ₹75000.Current price is: ₹70999.

Product Details
Brand Luminous
Rating in VA 4500VA
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Battery RC 18000 ST 150 AH, 4 no
Battery Stand MS Stand
Battery Warranty 18 (Free of cost) + 18 (Pro-rata) Months
Inverter Warranty 2 years

Luminous Battery 150ah Price

When it comes to energy storage options, Luminous Battery 150ah Price stands out as a reliable and effective option. Its strength is found in its ability to meet a variety of energy needs in addition to its sturdy build. We will discover the significance of this powerhouse and investigate the elements determining its pricing as we delve into its complexities.

Understanding the Essence of Luminous Battery 150Ah

The complex mechanical marvel that powers the Luminous Battery 150ah Price is located inside. Its 150Ah (Ampere-hour) capacity means that it can support a wide range of applications, from industrial to household. Its bright performance is the result of combining state-of-the-art technology with sturdy design, which guarantees a long service life and reliable operation even under demanding circumstances.

Reliability Redefined

The Luminous Battery 150ah Price is renowned for its steadfast dependability. This battery is a reliable source of power supply that may be used for a variety of purposes, including backup power for vital systems and the operation of key equipment during blackouts. Because of its consistent performance, which inspires confidence, it is a favoured option for both home and business customers.

Efficiency at its Core

Every energy storage option must be efficient, and the Luminous Battery 150ah Price delivers in this regard. Its energy-efficient design reduces waste and maximises productivity, improving overall operational effectiveness. For astute consumers, this translates into real advantages like lower energy costs and increased productivity, making it an excellent investment. “Vertiv Industrial UPS

Factors Influencing Pricing

While the value proposition of the Luminous Battery 150Ah is undeniable, its pricing is influenced by various factors. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for making an informed purchasing decision.

Technology and Innovation: The battery’s manufacturing costs are increased by the addition of cutting-edge features and technology. Every component, from better electrode materials to cutting-edge charging algorithms, affects the product’s price by enhancing performance and durability.

Quality and Durability: Since Luminous Battery 150ah Price is made with strong construction and strict quality control procedures, it is known for its quality and longevity. Longevity and dependability are guaranteed by the use of premium-grade materials and rigorous production methods, however they cost more than traditional batteries.

Capacity and Performance: The price of the battery is directly influenced by its capacity, expressed in Ah. Because they can store more energy and function better, batteries with higher capacities are more expensive. The long-term advantages in terms of efficiency and dependability outweigh the larger initial outlay.

Market Demand and Competition: An important factor in Luminous Battery 150ah Price is market dynamics. Demand-supply dynamics fluctuations along with competitive pressures might affect the pricing tactics businesses use. The market’s pricing decisions can be influenced by variables like industry trends, geopolitical events, and seasonal changes.


To sum up, the Luminous Battery 150ah Price represents the pinnacle of energy storage technologies, providing unparalleled dependability, effectiveness, and capability. Its price may change according to variables like capacity, quality, technology, and market conditions, but its value proposition never changes. Purchasing a Luminous Battery 150Ah is not simply an expense, but also a calculated choice with long-term dependability and efficiency in mind, as customers evaluate the pros and cons. “luminous inverter and battery combo price


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