Luminous Regalia 1550 Price

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Best Inverter for Home: Luminous Regalia


Brand Luminous
Model & Series 1550
Type Hybrid (Grid & Solar Inverter)
Rating in VA 1500 VA, 900 Watts
Solar PV Compatibility 800 Wp
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Battery Module Li-Ion Inbuilt Battery Module
Battery Life The life cycle of up to 10 Years
Backup Time @700W – 3Hrs 30Mins, @500W – 4Hr.50Min
Warranty 2 Years – UPS, 5 Years on Battery
Charging Time 2 – 4 Hrs
Energy storage capacity 2.40 kWh
Dimensions (L*W*H) in cm 19.5*46*74 in cm
Weight in Kgs (approx.) 60 Kgs

Luminous Regalia 1550 Price

Luminous Regalia 1550 Price – introduce a power backup system that is so smart that you can manage it right from your smartphone and so stylish that you can proudly show it off in your drawing-room. You can even connect to two solar panels to charged and its maintenance-free battery will last up to 10 years, isn’t it? Great. For the last three decades. Luminous has committed itself to bring to you solutions that are sustainable and energy-efficient and continuing with its commitment luminous regalia 1550 price

This surely comes with some stunning, looks a slim form factor perfectly complemented by a curvy build. Gives it that Superior. Aesthetic design, which anybody would love to flaunt luminous regalia 1550 price

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Luminous Regalia 1550 Price FAQ

What makes the Luminous Regalia 1550 a preferred choice for home power backup solutions?

The Luminous Regalia 1550 stands out as a preferred choice for home power backup due to its high capacity, reliable performance, and advanced features. It provides homeowners with a seamless and efficient solution for uninterrupted power during outages.


The Luminous Regalia 1550’s high capacity ensures extended backup times, making it ideal for homes with varying power needs. Its robust design and advanced technology contribute to a reliable and consistent power supply.

How does the 1550VA capacity of the Luminous Regalia cater to different household power requirements?

With a substantial 1550VA capacity, the Luminous Regalia accommodates various household power requirements. Whether it’s powering essential appliances or providing backup for sensitive electronics, this capacity ensures versatility and adaptability.


The 1550VA capacity of the Luminous Regalia is designed to handle diverse household power needs. From refrigerators to computers, users can trust this inverter to deliver sufficient power, ensuring the smooth functioning of essential devices.

Can the Luminous Regalia 1550 efficiently handle power fluctuations and irregularities?

Absolutely. The Luminous Regalia 1550 is equipped with advanced technology to handle power fluctuations effectively. Its automatic voltage regulation (AVR) feature ensures a stable power supply, protecting connected devices from voltage irregularities.


The Luminous Regalia 1550’s AVR feature is instrumental in maintaining a stable power output, safeguarding devices from fluctuations. This capability is crucial for the longevity and optimal performance of sensitive electronics.

How user-friendly is the installation process of the Luminous Regalia 1550 for homeowners?

The installation process of the Luminous Regalia 1550 is designed to be user-friendly. Clear instructions are provided in the user manual, ensuring that homeowners, both with technical expertise and those new to inverters, can set it up easily.


Luminous prioritizes user convenience, and the installation process for the Regalia 1550 reflects this commitment. Whether you are an experienced user or a homeowner new to inverter setups, the straightforward installation ensures a hassle-free experience.

How does the Luminous Regalia 1550 contribute to energy efficiency and potential cost savings for homeowners?

The Luminous Regalia 1550 is engineered for high energy efficiency. Its design minimizes energy losses, contributing to potential cost savings over time. This aligns with modern sustainability practices and provides homeowners with an efficient power solution.


The Luminous Regalia 1550’s focus on energy efficiency ensures that stored power is utilized effectively. This not only contributes to potential cost savings over time but also aligns with sustainable and eco-friendly energy practices, making it an eco-conscious choice for homeowners.

What safety features does the Luminous Regalia 1550 incorporate to protect connected devices and users?

The Luminous Regalia 1550 incorporates safety features such as overload protection, short circuit protection, and low battery alerts. These mechanisms ensure the safety of connected devices and provide users with a secure and risk-free power backup experience.


Luminous prioritizes the safety of users and connected devices. The Regalia 1550 includes features like overload protection and short circuit protection, enhancing the safety of the power backup system. Low battery alerts provide timely warnings, allowing users to take necessary actions.

Can the Luminous Regalia 1550 be connected to solar panels for eco-friendly power generation?

Yes, the Luminous Regalia 1550 is compatible with solar panels, offering users the option to harness clean and renewable energy. This eco-friendly feature reduces dependency on conventional power sources and aligns with sustainable practices.


The Luminous Regalia 1550’s compatibility with solar panels provides homeowners with the opportunity to utilize clean energy. This not only reduces the reliance on traditional power sources but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable approach to power backup solutions.

How does the Luminous Regalia 1550 facilitate user control and monitoring for enhanced convenience?

The Luminous Regalia 1550 often comes with advanced features like digital display panels and remote monitoring options. These features provide users with convenient control over the inverter settings and real-time monitoring of its performance.


Luminous understands the importance of user control and convenience. The Regalia 1550’s digital display panels and remote monitoring options empower users to have real-time insights and control over the inverter’s settings, enhancing overall convenience.

What kind of warranty and support does Luminous offer for the Regalia 1550, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners?

Luminous typically provides a comprehensive warranty for the Regalia 1550. Details regarding the warranty period and coverage can be found in the product documentation, ensuring peace of mind and support for homeowners in maintaining their power backup system.


Luminous stands behind the reliability of its products, and the Regalia 1550 usually comes with a comprehensive warranty. Homeowners can refer to the product documentation for details on the warranty period and coverage, ensuring peace of mind and support for their power backup system.

Can the Luminous Regalia 1550 be used for home automation systems, ensuring seamless operation during power outages?

Yes, the Luminous Regalia 1550 can be integrated into home automation systems, ensuring seamless operation during power outages. Its compatibility with smart home technologies allows for intelligent and automated responses, enhancing the overall efficiency of home automation setups.


The Luminous Regalia 1550’s compatibility with home automation systems adds a layer of intelligence to power backup solutions. This integration ensures that essential home automation systems continue to operate seamlessly during power outages



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