Luminous Optimus 3.5 KVA Inverter with 100 AH Battery

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Product Details Specifications
Brand Luminous
Rating in VA 3500 VA
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Battery 100 AH Battery (3 units)
Battery Stand MS Stand
Battery Warranty 18 Months (Free of cost) + 18 Months (Pro-rata)
Inverter Warranty 2 years

Luminous inverter Optimus 3800 3.5 KVA Battery

A reliable power supply is essential in today’s fast-paced environment, therefore making the correct inverter investment is crucial. With its smooth power backup options, the Luminous Inverter Optimus 3800 3.5 KVA Battery shines as a reliable and efficient beacon that can brighten your life. Let’s explore the complexities of this technical wonder and see how it can completely transform your energy requirements.

Unmatched Performance

The Luminous inverter Optimus 3800 3.5 KVA Battery is powered by a strong design that is built to provide unmatched performance. This inverter can easily cover the energy needs of both home and business installations thanks to its 3.5 KVA power capacity. Optimus 3800 is a towering device that guarantees continuous functioning, whether it is powering vital office systems or vital appliances during blackouts.

Advanced Technology

With its state-of-the-art features, the Optimus 3800 raises the bar for inverter performance. Its clever charging mechanism maximizes battery performance, prolonging its life without sacrificing effectiveness. Additionally, safeguards that protect your appliances from overload and short circuit provide piece of mind when using them.

Efficiency Redefined

Energy efficiency is critical in today’s environmentally concerned world. This is where the Luminous Inverter Optimus 3800 shines, with high efficiency ratings that add up to substantial energy savings over time. It lowers your carbon footprint and helps you save a lot of money on your electricity costs by optimizing output and minimizing power waste.

Seamless Integration

When it comes to inverters, compatibility is crucial, and the Optimus 3800 delivers. This flexible inverter automatically adjusts to different configurations, making installation and operation simple, whether you’re connecting it to the grid or integrating it into an existing solar power arrangement.

Reliability Unmatched

Having a dependable power backup plan can be extremely beneficial during unpredictable times. The Luminous inverter Optimus 3800 3.5 KVA Battery exudes confidence thanks to its sturdy construction and consistent performance. With years of study and development behind it, it emerges as a reliable ally that can handle any circumstance with steadfast assurance. “Luminous Evo Volt 2300 VA

Future-Ready Design

With an eye towards the future, the Optimus 3800 was created with the changing energy landscape in mind. Because of its simple scalability and modular architecture, you may increase the capacity of your power backup as your demands change. The Optimus 3800 easily adjusts to your changing needs by incorporating intelligent energy management systems or adding extra batteries.

Empowering Lives

Beyond its technical capabilities, the Luminous inverter Optimus 3800 3.5 KVA Battery is a symbol of empowerment. It enables people and communities to follow their aspirations without being constrained by power shortages by ensuring dependable access to electricity. The Optimus 3800 acts as a catalyst for development and prosperity, allowing learners to continue their studies long into the night or providing entrepreneurs with the tools they need to manage their companies successfully.


The Luminous Inverter Optimus 3800 3.5 KVA Battery shines brightly in a world where power disruptions are a given. With its superior performance, cutting-edge technology, and steadfast dependability, it not only brightens your life but also gives you the confidence to face the future. Purchase an Optimus 3800 today and witness the transformative impact it has on energising your life. “10kVA online UPS


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