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Microtek Inverter Price /Microtek inverter battery price list 2022

A Microtek inverter is a lifesaver during power cuts. The Indian household is not uncommon to experience power outages or shortages. Many cities across the country experience regular power cuts that last between two and four hours. It is common for small towns to experience similar situations for up to eight hours a day. Such situations are made worse by sweltering heat and humid conditions. It is at this point that the Microtek inverter comes into play.  

When the power goes out abruptly, people’s day-to-day activities are halted, even temporarily. Hence, installing a power backup has become extremely crucial in the current situation. These recurrent power outages are rapidly being overcome by battery-operated inverters.  

A Microtek power inverter is a small electronic device that comes packed with a lot of power. A small inverter like this one can provide light to your home in times of power outages or other disruptions in the power supply.

The Microtek Inverter: Everything You Need To Know

Microtek is a brand that is familiar to most people in the country. In the past few years, this company has been one of the most preferred brands when it comes to purchasing inverters for home use. 

A battery is used to power the Microtek battery inverter. A battery’s capacity and the amount of power it can draw determine the device’s runtime. AC can be converted from direct current or DC.

Inverters from Microtek are superior to those from other brands. It is the only inverter in town that can run heavy appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators. Compared to other ordinary home purpose battery inverters, this Microtek inverter price is considerably affordable.  

Microtek Inverter battery Combo offer

Microtek inverter battery price list 2022 February 10

Recommended Double / three-bedroom house
Battery Backup time 2 to 14 Hours
Inverter Model & Waveform Microtek Inverter UPS SEBz 1100VA Sinewave output
Battery Model & Capacity Mtek Power EB1800TT 150 Ah tall tubular
Inverter Warranty 2 Years of On-site warranty Microtek inverter battery price list 2022
Battery Warranty 36 Months (18M Replacement Guarantee+18M Pro-rata warranty)
Delivery Within 12 hours Microtek inverter battery price list 2022

Load Chart

Option 1 4 Fans+5 Tube Lights+1Television+1 Computer or Mixie
Option 2 CFL + 3 Tube light + 3 Ceiling Fan + 1 Television + 1 Computer or refrigerator


 Microtek inverter battery price list 2022

Best Microtek Battery Models Price
Microtek M-SUN 1135VA 12V Digital Solar UPS ₹7,999
Exide 6EL 150AH ₹13,000
Luminous Inverterlast 1050 with 150AH Battery ₹15,600
Exide IMTT 1500 Tubular Battery ₹14,500
Luminous RC25000 200Ah Battery 18+18 ₹13,500
Luminous RC18000 150AH Tall Tubular ₹11,000
Amaron Flo 65AH Battery ₹6,900
 Exide 1050VA Sinewave Inverter (copper transformer) 1050 ₹5,950
Luminous cruze+2 kva -24VDC ₹10,900

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What makes Microtek Inverter Batteries a reliable choice for power backup?

Microtek Inverter Batteries are known for their reliability and efficient power storage capabilities. With advanced technology and quality construction, they offer a consistent and uninterrupted power supply during outages, ensuring the smooth operation of your essential appliances.

How do I choose the right Microtek Inverter Battery for my power backup needs?

Choosing the right Microtek Inverter Battery involves considering factors such as your power requirements, the capacity of the battery, and the compatibility with your inverter. Microtek provides a range of batteries with different capacities, allowing you to select one that aligns with your specific needs for optimal performance.

Can Microtek Inverter Batteries be used with inverters from other brands?

Yes, Microtek Inverter Batteries are designed to be compatible with a variety of inverter brands. However, for optimal performance, it is recommended to pair them with Microtek inverters. Ensure that the battery voltage and capacity match the specifications of your inverter for seamless integration.

What is the expected lifespan of Microtek Inverter Batteries, and how can I maximize their longevity?

The expected lifespan of Microtek Inverter Batteries depends on factors such as usage, maintenance, and environmental conditions. Regular maintenance, including checking water levels in lead-acid batteries, keeping terminals clean, and following Microtek’s guidelines, can contribute to maximizing the batteries’ longevity.

Can I use Microtek Inverter Batteries in solar power systems?

Yes, Microtek Inverter Batteries are suitable for use in solar power systems. You can integrate them with solar inverters to store solar energy for later use. This eco-friendly solution not only provides backup power during outages but also allows you to harness renewable energy.