Emerson 10KVA GXT MT+ Online UPS

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Vertiv Liebert GXT MT + 10 kVA Online UPS

Model Number GXT MT+ Plus
Brand Vertiv EMERSON
Type Online UPS
DC Voltage 192/ 240 VDC
Warranty 1Year



EWe are a leading distributor and supplier of Online UPS Liebert GXT MTX+ 10kVA and our product is made up of good quality Emerson 10kva ups price

Liebert GXT MTX+ 10kVA systems are true double-conversion online UPS systems designed to provide a capacity of 10 kVA.

Emerson 10kva ups price

Product Description

A wide range of Vertiv Liebert GXT MT Plus Online UPS is available to meet the varied demands of our clients.


Liebert GXT MT+ Series Systems Is True Double Conversion Online Ups Systems Designed To Provide With A Capacity Of 6/10/20 Kva. Liebert GXT MT+ Units Feature Total Isolation Of The Load From The Mains – Isolating Input And Output Sections And Making The Systems Ideal For Data Networks / Small Data Centers/VOIP Applications Application. Units are capable of being configured as hot standby, making them ideally suited for critical applications, such as banks.


  • IGBT Based Rectifier
  • High-performance and reliable online double conversion with DSP control technology.
  • New Graphical LCD Display Provides UPS Data, Alarms, And Helps In Faults Diagnostics And TroubleShooting.
  • Double Conversion Efficiency up to 90%.
  • Active Input Power Factor Correction 0.99.
  • 0.8 Output Power Factor.
  • Wide Input Voltage Window (110 – 280 Vac) For Indian Environmental Condition And For Optimized Battery Performance. emerson 10kva ups price
  • Configurable Output Voltage (200/208/220/230/240 Vac.)
  • Suitable for wide input frequency ranges (40 Hz-70 Hz).
  • Optimal battery performance is achieved with an extendable four-stage charging design.
  • An Emerson 10kva UPS is available with varying charging currents. Based on battery capacity and rating, the charging current can be adjusted to 1/2/4/6 amps.
  • 50/60 Hz Automatic Frequency Converter Mode.
  • The intelligent monitoring system incorporates a standard R232/USB port in addition to a slot available for RS485/dry contact/SNMP cards.
  • Inbuilt OVCD

Emerson 10kva ups specification Download

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What is the input voltage range of the Vertiv 10 kVA online UPS?

The input voltage range of the Vertiv 10 kVA online UPS is 208-240VAC.


2. What is the output voltage range of the Vertiv 10 kVA online UPS?

The output voltage range of the Vertiv 10 kVA online UPS is 208-240VAC.

3. What is the typical backup time provided by the Vertiv 10 kVA online UPS?

The typical backup time provided by the Vertiv 10 kVA online UPS depends on the load being supported. At full load, it provides a backup time of approximately 7-8 minutes. However, at lighter loads, the backup time can be extended.

4. Can the Vertiv 10 kVA online UPS be operated in parallel with other UPS systems?

Yes, the Vertiv 10 kVA online UPS can be operated in parallel with up to three other UPS systems of the same capacity, using the parallel kit provided by the manufacturer.

5. Does the Vertiv 10 kVA online UPS support remote monitoring and management?

Yes, the Vertiv 10 kVA online UPS supports remote monitoring and management, using the Vertiv™ Power Insight management software. This software provides real-time monitoring of the UPS system’s performance and status, as well as advanced management features such as configuration and firmware updates

6. What are the safety features included in the Vertiv 10 kVA online UPS?

The Vertiv 10 kVA online UPS includes several safety features, including short-circuit protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection, and battery protection. These features help to ensure that the UPS system and the connected equipment are protected from potential hazards.

What warranty and support options are available for the Vertiv 10 KVA Online UPS?

Warranty and support options for the Vertiv 10 KVA Online UPS may vary, and it’s essential to check with the manufacturer or authorized dealers for specific details. Typically, Vertiv provides warranty coverage for a certain period and offers support services to ensure the proper functioning of the UPS throughout its lifespan.


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