GXT MT 6 kVA Online UPS


Vertiv Liebert GXT MT 6 kVA Online UPS

Model Number GXT MT+ Plus
Protection OverVoltage, OverCurrent, ShortCircuit, Etc
Type Online UPS
Warranty 1Year Emerson 6kva ups price
Phase Single Phase

We are a leading distributor and supplier of Online UPS Liebert GXT MTX+ 6kVA and our product is made up of good quality Emerson 6kva ups price

Liebert GXT MTX+ 6kVA systems are true double-conversion online UPS systems designed to provide a capacity of 6 kVA. Emerson 6kva ups price, Emerson 6kva power bank online ups

Emerson 6kva ups price

Product Description

A wide range of Vertiv Liebert GXT MT Plus Online UPS is available to meet the varied demands of our clients.


Liebert GXT MT+ Series Systems Is True Double Conversion Online Ups Systems Designed To Provide With A Capacity Of 6/10/20 Kva. Liebert GXT MT+ Units Feature Total Isolation Of The Load From The Mains – Isolating Input And Output Sections And Making The Systems Ideal For Data Networks / Small Data Centers/VOIP Applications Application. Hot standby configuration allows them to be used in critical applications such as banks.


  • IGBT Based Rectifier
  • High-performance and reliable online double conversion with DSP control technology.
  • UPS Data is displayed in a graphic LCD display that assists in fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.
  • Double Conversion Efficiency up to 90%.
  • Active Input Power Factor Correction 0.99.
  • 0.8 Output Power Factor.
  • A wide range of input voltage (110 – 280Vac) is available to accommodate Indian environmental conditions and ensure optimum battery performance.
  • Configurable Output Voltage (200/208/220/230/240 Vac.)
  • Suitable for wide input frequency ranges (40 to 70 Hz).
  • Battery performance is optimized through a 4-stage, extendable charging design.
  • It’s possible to adjust battery charging current 1/2/4/6 amps based on battery capacity and rating.
  • 50/60 Hz Automatic Frequency Converter Mode.
  • A standard Rs232/USB port as well as a slot for a Rs485/Dry Contact/SNMP card can be used for intelligent monitoring.
  • Inbuilt OVCD

Benefits of Emerson vertiv 6kva ups

The Emerson 6kVA UPS provides several benefits, including

  1. Reliable power protection: The Emerson 6 kVA UPS provides reliable protection against power outages, voltage fluctuations, and other power quality issues, ensuring that critical equipment and systems remain operational even during extended power outages.
  2. Scalability: The Vertiv 6 kVA UPS is designed to be scalable, with the ability to support up to three units in parallel, providing up to 18 kVA of backup power.
  3. Efficient operation: The Emerson 6 kVA UPS uses advanced technologies, such as double-conversion topology and high-efficiency power components, to provide efficient operation and reduce energy consumption, which can lead to cost savings.
  4. Advanced management features: The Emerson 6 kVA UPS includes advanced management features, such as remote monitoring and management, automated voltage regulation, and advanced battery management, providing enhanced visibility and control over the UPS system.
  5. Easy maintenance: The Emerson 6 kVA UPS is designed for easy maintenance, with hot-swappable battery modules and other components that can be replaced without shutting down the system.
  6. Compact design: TheEmerson6 kVA UPS has a compact design, making it ideal for applications where space is limited.

Emerson 6kva ups specifications Download

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Q: What is a Vertiv 6 kVA UPS?

A: The Vertiv 6kVA UPS provides battery backup power for critical electrical equipment in the event of a power outage or other interruption.

Q: What kind of equipment can a emerson 6 kVA UPS power?

A: A 6 kVA UPS typically powers servers, data centers, network equipment, telecommunication systems, and other critical devices.

Q: How long can a Vertiv 6 kVA UPS provide backup power?

There are several factors that affect the backup time of a 6 kVA UPS, including the load placed on the UPS, the battery capacity, and UPS configuration. A 6 kVA UPS can typically provide several minutes to several hours of backup power.

Q: How is a Vertiv 6 kVA UPS installed?

 In most cases, a UPS with 6 kVA is connected to the building’s electrical system, connected to the critical equipment, and configured to perform optimally. The installation should be performed by a professional electrician or UPS installer.

Q: What kind of maintenance does a Vertiv 6 kVA UPS require?

A 6 kVA UPS requires regular testing, inspection and cleaning to ensure proper airflow. Vertiv provides UPS maintenance and support services.

Q: What kind of warranty comes with a Vertiv 6 kVA UPS?

A Vertiv 6 kVA UPS typically comes with a one-year warranty, but Vertiv offers the option of extending the warranty up to five years.

Q: Can a emerson 6kVA UPS be remotely monitored?

 UPS products can be monitored remotely from a web browser or through a mobile device, allowing users to receive alerts and notifications.

Q: Is the emerson 6kVA UPS energy-efficient?

UPS products from Vertiv are energy-efficient and meet ENERGY STAR standards. There are several features that can reduce energy consumption and operating costs in 6 kVA UPS models, including high-efficiency modes, ECO modes, and automatic voltage regulation.



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