Experience Premium Power with Luminous Inverter Battery 200 AH

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Brand Luminous
Rating in VA 1050VA
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Battery 200 AH
Battery Stand PVC Stand
Battery Warranty 18 Months Free of Cost + 18 Months Pro-rata
Inverter Warranty 2 Years

Luminous Inverter Battery 200 AH Battery – Your Trusted Power Solution

We are proud to present the Luminous Inverter Battery 200 AH. Known for its robust performance and superior quality, this battery is designed to meet the demanding needs of both residential and commercial environments.

Why Opt for the Luminous Inverter Battery 200 AH?

 Unrivaled Energy Capacity

The Luminous Inverter Battery 200 AH offers unmatched energy storage, ensuring your systems run smoothly even during extended power outages. Its high capacity makes it ideal for larger homes, critical equipment, and demanding industrial applications.

Cutting-edge technology for Enhanced Performance

Equipped with advanced technology, this battery features low-voltage fast charging, adaptive battery charging control (ABCC), and a sophisticated microprocessor design for reliable power management and faster recovery during power cuts.

Key Features of the Luminous Inverter Battery 200 AH

  • High Capacity Storage: 200Ah for long-lasting power supply.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Overcharging, overload, and short-circuit protection.
  • Efficient Charging: LVFC and ABCC technologies ensure optimal charging and battery life.
  • Durable Design: Designed to withstand harsh conditions and provide consistent performance.

Shop Now – Stated Writing’s Commitment to Quality

We stock a wide range of all-brand model UPS systems, ensuring that you find the perfect solution for your power needs. Our Luminous Inverter Battery 200 AH is backed by a comprehensive warranty and supported by expert customer service.

Product Features and Benefits

The Luminous Inverter Battery 200 AH is your ultimate choice for high-performance power solutions, offering:

  • Exceptional Durability: Engineered for longevity with robust materials.
  • Superior Performance: Provides stable and reliable power, ensuring your devices are protected and operational at all times.
  • Cost-Effective Operation: Low maintenance requirements reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Product Technical Specifications

Inverter Technical Specifications

Model Details
Capacity 900VA
Maximum Bulb Load 756W
Technology Sine Wave
Number of Batteries Supported One Battery (12V)
LVFC Technology Yes, for input voltage >95V
Adaptive Battery Charging Control Yes, for longer life & backup time
LED Indicators User-friendly for performance checks
UPS Mode Voltage Range 180V to 260V
Eco Mode Voltage Range Extended range reducing battery usage
Advanced Microprocessor Ensures quick switchover (less than 15 Ms)
Protections Overcharging, overload, short circuit, etc.

Battery Technical Specifications

This comprehensive description ensures the Luminous Inverter Battery 200 AH is showcased with all its features and benefits, making it a compelling choice for customers looking for a reliable power backup solution.


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