Massimo Battery 100ah


  • Model MGL 1200
  • 100AH Short Tubular Battery
  • Warranty 72 Months*
  • Any Brand UPS is supported
  • Longer Life More backup


Battery Rating       100 AH
Battery Type           Short Tubular
Nominal Voltage           12 Volts
Battery Model      MST1200
Battery Warranty           72 Months
Application    Inverter, Offline UPS
Pro-Rated Warranty    36 Months


Why Massimo Battery?

Massimo manufacturing facility is divided into two parts. Smelting plant here, hold and scrap batteries are dismantled to separate plastic strap and let’s trap. Let’s strap is smelted in rotary. Furnace, to recover the real Melted, red is red LED and grey oxides are one of the best qualities available in the market.

Massimo battery 100ah price

Besides are only used. We also Supply Alloys and oxides to the battery. Manufacturing companies in India and overseas high pressure, die casting machines are used to manufacture all our children of positive claims to cast the negative grid for tubular batteries and automotive battery plates for you. Use automatic Great. Massimo battery 100ah price


Massimo battery 100ah price 2021 Jun 09


Massimo  Battery Price list 2021 Jun-09     Warranty Price
MGL 1000          80 AH 36+36 Rs 7200/-
MGL 1200          100AH 36+36 Rs 8600/-
MGL1 1350        120AH 36+36 Rs 9800/-
MG1800             150 AH 36+36 Rs 11200/-


Note: above mentioned price only for Jumbo Tubular Series



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