Massimo Battery 150ah

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Massimo Inverter Battery Dealer

  • 150AH Tall Tubular C20 Battery
  • Warranty 72Months*
  • Technology  Lead Acid Battery
  • Battery Type  Tall Tubular Battery
  • Any Brand UPS is supported, Offline, Online
  • Longer Life More backup
  • Tubular plate Technology
  • Free delivery Installation


Battery Rating       150 AH
Battery Type           Tall Tubular
Nominal Voltage           12 Volts
Battery Model      MIT1800
Battery Warranty           72 Months
Application Of Usage      Inverter, Offline UPS
Pro-Rated Warranty    36 Months

About Massimo Battery

The Massimo products range is exhaustible with products of all kinds of the automobile industry and domestic application. With the current capacity of 50,000 units per month and Kory tubular inverter batteries, massimo battery 150ah price

solar applications battery. Automotive batteries two-wheeler batteries E rickshaw batteries Deep discharged batteries for other applications. Such as railway traction, Etc.


Massimo inverter battery 150ah price 2021 October 27


Massimo  Battery Price list 2021 Jun-09 Warranty Price
MTJ 1200          100AH 24+24 Rs 9200/-
MTT 1800          150AH 24+24 Rs 10800/-

Note: above-mentioned price only for Thunder Tubular Series 4 year Warranty


What distinguishes the Massimo 150Ah Battery from other batteries in its class?

The Massimo 150Ah Battery stands out due to its robust design, high capacity, and advanced technology. Its larger storage capacity ensures prolonged power supply, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring extended backup. The battery’s advanced features contribute to its exceptional performance, distinguishing it from others in its class.


The Massimo 150Ah Battery is distinguished by its robust construction and higher capacity. With advanced technology and a focus on performance, it excels in providing extended power backup, making it a standout choice for applications that demand prolonged and reliable energy support.

How does the capacity of the Massimo 150Ah Battery cater to the power requirements of residential and industrial users?

The 150Ah capacity of the Massimo Battery is well-suited to meet the power requirements of both residential and industrial users. In residential settings, it provides ample power for essential appliances, while in industrial applications, it offers a reliable and sustained energy source for machinery and equipment.


The Massimo 150Ah Battery’s substantial capacity is designed to address diverse power needs. For residential users, it ensures a reliable source of power for essential appliances, while industrial users benefit from sustained energy support for machinery and equipment, making it a versatile solution for various applications.

Where can customers find the most up-to-date pricing information for the Massimo 150Ah Battery?

Customers can obtain the most up-to-date pricing information for the Massimo 150Ah Battery by checking official Massimo dealers, authorized distributors, or visiting the company’s official website. Regularly reviewing these sources ensures that customers have access to accurate and current pricing details.


For the latest pricing information on the Massimo 150Ah Battery, customers are encouraged to visit official Massimo dealers, authorized distributors, or the company’s official website. Regular checks of these sources enable customers to stay informed about the most recent pricing details.

Does the Massimo 150Ah Battery come with any warranty, and what does it cover?

Yes, the Massimo 150Ah Battery typically comes with a warranty. The specific details of the warranty, including its duration and coverage, are outlined in the product documentation. This warranty provides customers with added peace of mind, ensuring support and protection for their investment in the battery.


The Massimo 150Ah Battery usually comes with a warranty, and customers can refer to the product documentation for detailed information. The warranty offers coverage for specific aspects of the battery, providing customers with assurance and support throughout the covered period.

Can the Massimo 150Ah Battery be used as a solar battery for renewable energy systems?

Yes, the Massimo 150Ah Battery is suitable for use as a solar battery in renewable energy systems. Its high capacity and reliable performance make it a viable choice for storing solar-generated power. This application allows users to harness and utilize solar energy efficiently, contributing to sustainable and eco-friendly power solutions.


The Massimo 150Ah Battery is well-suited for use as a solar battery in renewable energy systems. Its substantial capacity and dependable performance make it an effective choice for storing solar-generated power, enabling users to embrace sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions.


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    Good product and best Price

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