Massimo 110ah Battery

Original price was: ₹12500.Current price is: ₹10000.

Massimo Inverter Battery For Home

  • 110AH Tall Tubular C20 Battery
  • Warranty 72Months*
  • Technology  Lead Acid Battery
  • Battery Type  Tall Tubular Battery
  • Any Brand UPS is supported
  • Longer Life More backup
  • Tubular plate Technology
  • Free delivery Installation
  • massimo battery price list



Battery Rating       110 AH
Battery Type           Tall Tubular
Nominal Voltage           12 Volts
Battery Model      MGL 1350 110 AH
Battery Warranty           72 Months
Application Of Usage      Inverter, Offline UPS
Pro-Rated Warranty    36 Months

Massimo battery price list 2021 Jun 09


Massimo  Battery Price list 2021 Jun-09 Warranty Price
MGL 1350 110 AH 36+36 Rs 10000/-
MGL 1500 135  AH 36+36 Rs 10800/-
MGL1800 150 AH 36+36 Rs 12500/-
MG2500 200 AH 36+36 Rs 14500/-


Note: above mentioned price only for tall Tubular Series

Massimo ups Battery

Massimo believes that quality is not an act. It’s inhabited,  including experienced engineers and technicians and Sources high-end quality product, and work towards developing new technologies to increase efficiency battery manufacturing after both positive and negative plates.

Manufacturing is complete. These plates are assembled in a fixed ratio as per battery design. Massimo has the latest technology for battery charging. This is called the acid circulation system in ACS as it is circulated. And in batteries throughout the process, as a result,

Massimo gets uniform quality with zero pollution. the plant is a fully equipped electrical lab with multiple Channels, battery life. Cycle testers, HRD testers, cold chamber, state-of-the-art chemical and electrical lab, regularly, checks raw, and processed materials.

Massimo battery price list

Massimo has a strict quality control system, at Massimo plans. Is a zero discharge plant with care for the environment Our sales network spreads far and wide with a presence in 20 States 5 union, territories, and 11 countries Massimo battery price list

in the company’s strong determination towards marketing and its constant Endeavour to maintain the best relationship with its dealers? And Distributors we look forward to your continued support and to achieve our vision to Mark the presence of And Massimo globally.

I feel proud to be associated with Massimo as it fulfills In delivering excellence, quality service, and customer satisfaction with  Massimo families.

As per our CSR agenda, we are committed to set world-class standards for green manufacturing. Massimo is determined to improve the quality of life, minimizing the impact on the environment…

FAQ Massimo Battery Price List

What factors influence the pricing of Massimo Batteries?

The pricing of Massimo Batteries is influenced by various factors, including the battery’s capacity, technology, and intended application. Higher capacity batteries or those equipped with advanced features may be priced differently than standard models. Additionally, market demand and production costs can also impact the overall pricing structure.


The pricing of Massimo Batteries is determined by several factors, ensuring that customers receive value corresponding to the battery’s capacity, technological specifications, and intended use. Factors such as market demand and production costs are also considered, contributing to the overall pricing strategy.

How can customers find the most up-to-date Massimo Battery Price List?

Customers can find the most up-to-date Massimo Battery Price List through official Massimo dealers, distributors, or the company’s official website. Regularly checking these sources ensures access to accurate and current pricing information, allowing customers to make informed decisions based on the latest product offerings and costs.


To access the most up-to-date Massimo Battery Price List, customers are encouraged to visit official Massimo dealers, authorized distributors, or the company’s official website. Regular checks of these sources enable customers to stay informed about the latest product offerings and associated costs.

Are there different pricing tiers for Massimo Batteries based on their applications, such as automotive, industrial, or residential use?

Yes, Massimo Batteries typically have different pricing tiers based on their applications. Batteries designed for specific sectors, such as automotive, industrial, or residential use, may have varying features and specifications, leading to different price points. This tiered pricing structure ensures that customers pay for the performance and features relevant to their intended use.


Indeed, Massimo Batteries are often priced differently based on their applications. The tiered pricing structure reflects the varying features and specifications tailored to specific sectors like automotive, industrial, or residential use. This ensures that customers pay for the performance attributes relevant to their intended application.

Do Massimo Batteries come with a warranty, and does it affect their pricing?

Yes, Massimo Batteries typically come with a warranty, and the warranty coverage may vary based on the battery model. While the inclusion of a warranty may influence the overall pricing, it also provides customers with added assurance and support. The warranty terms and conditions are usually outlined in the product documentation or on the official Massimo website.


Massimo Batteries commonly come with a warranty, and the specifics may vary by battery model. The inclusion of a warranty is a value-added feature that may affect pricing, providing customers with assurance and support. For detailed warranty information, customers are encouraged to refer to the product documentation or the official Massimo website.

Are there any promotional offers or discounts available on Massimo Batteries, and how can customers take advantage of them?

Massimo Batteries occasionally offer promotional offers or discounts, contributing to cost savings for customers. To take advantage of these promotions, customers should monitor official Massimo channels, including the website and authorized dealers. Special promotions may be announced periodically, providing opportunities for customers to make their purchases at discounted rates.


Yes, Massimo Batteries may feature promotional offers or discounts from time to time, allowing customers to benefit from cost savings. To capitalize on these opportunities, customers should stay informed by regularly checking official Massimo channels, such as the website and authorized dealers, where announcements about special promotions are likely to be made.



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