Explore the Microtek 3KVA Online UPS with Inbuilt Battery : Unparalleled Power Security

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Model & Series NM72MX3KK11-IB
Type Online UPS
Rating in VA 3000 VA
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Battery Module 72 V (7 AH * 6 Nos. Battery inside)
Battery Type SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free)
DC Voltage 72V
Technology Micro Processor Control
Warranty Two Years on Electronics & One Year on Battery

Microtek 3KVA Online UPS with Inbuilt Battery: Superior Power Continuity and Reliability

Welcome to, your trusted provider of Microtek 3KVA Online UPS with Inbuilt Battery. Designed for continuous power protection, this advanced UPS solution caters to high-demand environments where power reliability is non-negotiable. Our product embodies the pinnacle of UPS technology, combining high-end features with robust performance to keep your operations running smoothly.

Why Choose the Microtek 3KVA Online UPS?

The Microtek 3KVA Online UPS with Inbuilt Battery is an ideal solution for businesses and critical applications that require uninterrupted power. With its state-of-the-art technology and user-centric design, it guarantees that your critical systems are protected from any power discrepancies.

Cutting-edge Technology and Features

  • High Frequency and Double Conversion Online Technology: This technology ensures continuous power supply and voltage stability, which is crucial for sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Integrated High-End IGBT and Microcontroller: These components provide superior performance, enhanced efficiency, and precise power control.
  • Comprehensive Power Management: Features advanced PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology and sophisticated battery management, including automatic charging even when the UPS is off, ensuring optimal battery health and longevity.
  • Robust Protection Systems: Equipped with mechanisms for short circuit and overload protection, over-temperature control, and EMI/RFI noise filtering to safeguard against various power issues.
  • Smart Connectivity: Includes a smart RS232 communication interface along with an optional SNMP card slot for seamless integration and management through various monitoring platforms.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The UPS features an LCD/LED display that provides real-time status updates and system diagnostics.
  • Environmentally Adapted Design: Tailored to withstand the unique Indian power conditions and environmental challenges, it also offers generator compatibility and optional isolation transformers for additional safety.

Designed for Versatility and Ease of Use

  • Programmable and Non-Programmable Outlets: Customize power output settings to meet specific needs, enhancing flexibility across different applications.
  • Static Bypass Switch: Allows manual or automatic transfer to bypass mode, ensuring continuity of power supply during UPS maintenance or overload conditions.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Includes in-built over-voltage cut-off to protect against voltage spikes, and a system to protect from DC fan failure, further enhancing operational reliability

Microtek 3KVA Online UPS with Inbuilt Battery Specification

Model NM72MX3KK11-IB
Rated Capacity 3 KVA / 2700 Watts
Input Voltage Range Load <50%: 118 ~ 295 V (± 5 V)
Load >50%: 160 ~ 295 V (± 5 V)
Frequency 40 ~ 70 Hz
Phase Single Phase with Ground
Power Factor ≥ 0.99 @ full load
Output Voltage Range 208 / 220 / 230 / 240 V AC
Frequency Range Synchronized Range: 47 ~ 53 Hz or 57 ~ 63 Hz
Battery Mode: 50 Hz ± 0.1 Hz or 60Hz ± 0.1 Hz
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) Linear Load: ≤2%
Non Linear Load: ≤4%
Overload Capacity >110%, 30s turn to Bypass Mode; >150% instant turn to Bypass
Crest Factor 3:1 (Max)
Short Circuit Protection 5 cycles turn Off Inverter, no transfer to the Bypass, provide Alarm (AC Mode)
5 cycles turn Off Inverter, provide Alarm (Battery Mode), Input Fuse blown or Breaker action
Waveform Pure Sinewave
Transfer Time AC Mode to Battery Mode: ZERO
Inverter to Bypass: <4 ms
Efficiency 85%~ 92%
Battery 72 V (7 AH* 6 Nos. Battery inside)
Charge Current 1.5 Amps
Communication Interface RS232, SNMP (Optional)
Indication LCD Display
Noise Level Less than 50dBA @ 1 Meter (With Fan Speed Control)
UPS Overload / UPS Short Circuit 110% / 300%
Warranty Two Years on Electronics & One Year on Battery
Weight 30.2 kg


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