The Ultimate Solution for Uninterrupted Power: Numeric 3KVA Online UPS with Battery

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Numeric 3KVA Online UPS with Battery

Wave type Sine wave
Output frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz sync to mains
Battery Type SMF UPS With 6 Nos 18AH Inbuilt Batteries ( Onfiniti Series )
Output 230 VAC
Nominal Input Voltage 230 VAC
Tax Incl.GST
Application of Usage Telecom, Residential & SOHO Healthcare Retail, BFSI, Hotels, Office, Education, IT &, Infrastructure
Weight in Kgs (approx.)  25Kgs

Numeric 3KVA Online UPS with Battery

The Numeric 3KVA Online UPS with Battery is a robust and reliable power solution designed to support critical operations across various sectors. Tailored for businesses with high-stake activities, BPOs, call centers, IT administrators, and facility managers, this UPS stands out for its efficiency and reliability. Its significance extends to retailers, small-scale dealers, construction sites, real estate developers, and educational institutions, offering unparalleled support in load bank testing and uninterrupted power supply.

Why Choose Numeric 3KVA Online UPS?

Ever faced the annoyance of a sudden power cut while working on something crucial? Here’s your savior! The Numeric 3KVA Online UPS with Battery is not just a device; it’s your reliable partner in ensuring that your work goes uninterrupted. It’s the perfect blend of power, reliability, and efficiency.

Did you know? Online UPS systems provide seamless power backup with no transfer time in case of power failure!

Features That Set It Apart

  • Power Capacity: Delivering a robust 3KVA power capacity, this UPS can handle your heavy-duty equipment with ease. Be it your home office setup or your gaming rig, rest easy knowing you’re fully backed up.
  • Battery Life: Long-lasting battery performance ensures you don’t just get immediate backup but sustained support during prolonged outages.
  • Advanced Technology: Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, the UPS offers a clean and stable power supply, safeguarding your sensitive electronics against surges and spikes.

How Does Numeric 3KVA Ensure Your Productivity?

Imagine working on a critical project, and suddenly, the power goes off. With Numeric 3KVA Online UPS, you won’t even realize the switch. Its instant switchover feature ensures that your work continues as smoothly as if nothing happened.

Installation and Maintenance

Worried about complicated setup processes? Fear not! The Numeric 3KVA Online UPS is user-friendly and easy to install. Regular maintenance is a breeze, ensuring that your UPS remains in top-notch condition for years.

Environmentally Friendly Choice

In today’s world, being eco-conscious is not just a choice but a responsibility. This UPS model is designed with eco-friendly features, minimizing its carbon footprint without compromising on performance.

Regional Availability

Numeric 3KVA Online UPS with Battery Bangalore

In Bangalore, a hub for IT and business operations, the Numeric 3KVA Online UPS with Battery is readily available. Its relevance in this bustling city is underscored by its ability to support continuous operations in fast-paced business environments and educational institutions.


Features Of  The Numeric 3KVA Online UPS with Battery

  1. Temperature Compensated Charger: This feature adjusts the charging rate of the UPS’s battery based on the ambient temperature. It helps in prolonging the battery life by preventing overcharging or undercharging in varying temperature conditions.
  2. OVCD (Over Voltage Cut-off Device): This safety mechanism protects the UPS and connected devices from potential damage due to overvoltage. It ensures that voltage spikes or surges do not affect the performance or lifespan of the UPS and the equipment it powers.
  3. ECO Mode: ECO (Economic) mode allows the UPS to operate with improved energy efficiency. When activated, it reduces power consumption, leading to energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint, all while maintaining a high level of protection for connected devices.
  4. CVCF (Constant Voltage Constant Frequency): This feature ensures that the UPS provides a consistent output voltage and frequency, regardless of variations in the input power supply. This stability is crucial for sensitive electronic equipment that requires steady power for optimal functioning.
  5. Fan Speed Control: The UPS is equipped with a fan whose speed can be controlled based on system requirements. This intelligent fan speed control helps reduce noise, saving energy, and extending the fan’s life by avoiding unnecessary wear and tear.
  6. Communication Standards: RS 232, USB: These communication ports allow for easy connectivity and management of the UPS. They enable users to monitor and control UPS settings from a computer, enhancing the usability and accessibility of the UPS system.
  7. BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Certification: This indicates that the UPS adheres to the quality and safety standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards, ensuring reliability and performance.
  8. CE Marking: The CE mark on the UPS signifies its compliance with European Union safety, health, and environmental protection standards, making it suitable for use in EU countries and others recognizing CE standards.
  9. RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Compliant: This feature indicates that the UPS is manufactured with restricted use of certain hazardous materials, making it environmentally friendly and safe for users.
  10. Generator Compatibility: The UPS is compatible with generators, allowing it to be used in a wide range of power environments. This feature is especially useful in areas with frequent power outages or unstable electricity supply.


Numeric Onfiniti 3kva UPS manual

Category Specification
Output Specification
Output Capacity (KVA) 3 KVA Onfiniti-FM-3K-18AH-INT
Output Capacity (KW) 2.4 KW
Output Power Factor 0.8 Power Factor
Output Phase 1 Phase
Output Voltage 230 Volt
Efficiency at Full Load > 90 %
Output Voltage Distortion < 2 %
Output Frequency (sync to mains) 50/60Hz +/- 3 Hz
Load Crest Factor 3:1
Output Voltage THD < 3 %
Output Waveform type Sine Wave
Input Specification
Input Voltage 230 Volt
Input Phase 1 Phase
Input frequency 50/60Hz +/- 3 Hz
Input Voltage Range 160 – 300 Volt (Output Derated)
Input Power Factor > 0.99
Batteries & Runtime
Battery Position Option UPS With 6 Nos 18AH Inbuilt Batteries
Battery Type Compatibility SMF Battery
Battery DC Bus 72 VDC
Maximum Charger Capacity 4 Amp.
Internal Battery Capacity (VAH) 1296 VAH
Approved Battery Capacity (AH) 7 – Amp.
Communication & Management
Control panel LCD Display
SNMP Management Optional
Maximum Height 595 Mm
Maximum Width 190 Mm
Maximum Depth 435 Mm
Net Weight 35.5 Kg
Operating Temperature 0 – 40 °C
Operating Relative Humidity 5 – 95 % Rh


Questions Answered

  • Q: How long can the Numeric 3KVA UPS run on battery?
  • A: It depends on the load, A full load of 10 to 15 mites backup but for standard home office setups, it provides ample backup time to safely shut down or continue for a reasonable duration.
  • Q: Is it suitable for sensitive electronics like servers or medical equipment?
  • A: Absolutely! Its clean power output makes it ideal for sensitive and high-value electronics.


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