Unmatched Reliability: Numeric Onfiniti 3kVA UPS For Your Business

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Numeric Onfiniti 3kVA UPS Price

Brand Onfiniti 3 kVA Single Phase UPS
Wave type Sine wave
Output frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz sync to mains
Battery Type SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free)
Output 230 VAC
Nominal Input Voltage 230 VAC
Tax Incl.GST
Application of Usage Telecom, Residential & SOHO Healthcare Retail,BFSI, Hotels,Office, Education,IT &,Infrastructure
Dimensions (L*W*H) in mm Width (mm): 190

Depth (mm): 435

Height (mm): 335

Colour: RAL 9005

Weight in Kgs (approx.)   12 Kgs

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Unmatched Reliability: Numeric Onfiniti 3kVA UPS  for Your Business

Experience the pinnacle of power backup solutions with the Numeric Onfiniti 3kVA UPS. Engineered for businesses that cannot afford even a moment of power disruption, this UPS stands as a bulwark against power inconsistencies. Its advanced technology ensures smooth and uninterrupted operations for BPOs, IT sectors, and critical operations, safeguarding your data and equipment.


Features and Benefits of Numeric Onfiniti 3kVA UPS


Advanced Technology for Comprehensive Protection

The Numeric Onfiniti 3kVA UPS, with its single-phase double conversion and high-frequency PWM technology, stands as a robust power backup solution. It’s meticulously designed to offer true power protection for IT and critical loads across various segments.


Key Features:

  • Temperature Compensated Charger: Ensures optimal battery charging and longevity, adapting to temperature fluctuations.
  • OVCD (Over Voltage Cut-off Device): Protects against dangerous voltage surges, ensuring equipment safety.
  • ECO Mode: Provides energy-efficient operation, significantly reducing electricity costs without compromising protection.
  • CVCF (Constant Voltage Constant Frequency): Maintains steady voltage and frequency levels, vital for sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Fan Speed Control: Automatically adjust fan speed based on system requirements, reducing noise and extending fan life.
  • Communication Standards (RS 232, USB): Facilitates easy monitoring and management of UPS settings.
  • BIS, CE, RoHS Certifications: Compliance with international standards, ensuring quality and environmental safety.
  • Generator Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with generators, offering extended backup during prolonged power cuts.

Target Segments and Benefits

Residential & SOHO: For homes and small offices, the Onfiniti UPS offers peace of mind by protecting devices from power fluctuations and enabling smooth work-from-home operations.

Healthcare: In healthcare facilities, reliable power backup is critical. The Onfiniti UPS ensures that medical equipment operates uninterrupted, safeguarding patient care.

Retail: Retail businesses, from small shops to large shopping centers, can benefit from uninterrupted transactions and security systems, thanks to the dependable power supply from the Onfiniti UPS.

BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance): For financial institutions, data integrity and transaction continuity are paramount. This UPS ensures these are maintained even during power disruptions.

Hotels: In the hospitality sector, guest comfort and operational efficiency are key. The Onfiniti UPS guarantees seamless service, from lighting to reservation systems.

Office Environments: For corporate offices, the UPS ensures that workstations, servers, and communication systems are always operational, enhancing productivity.

Education: Educational institutions, including schools and universities, benefit from uninterrupted teaching aids and administrative operations, thanks to reliable backup power.

IT & ITes: IT industries demand continuous power for servers and network equipment. The Onfiniti UPS provides the necessary support to prevent data loss and downtime.


Why Numeric Onfiniti is the Smart Choice for Your Business

Choosing the Numeric Onfiniti 3kVA UPS means investing in peace of mind. With its competitive pricing, especially in key markets like Bangalore, you’re not just buying a UPS; you’re ensuring business continuity. Its exceptional after-sales support and warranty policies further accentuate its value, making it a smart business decision.



  • Cost-effective solution for power backup.
  • Excellent customer service and support.
  • Warranty and service plans that prioritize your business.


Numeric 3 kva Online UPS Specifications

Specification Details
Capacity 3 kVA
Isolation Transformer No
Overall Efficiency > 90%
Inverter Efficiency 88%
Input Parameters
Input Voltage 230V AC
Input Voltage Range 110 – 300 V
Input Connection 1W+N+G
Input Power Factor > 0.99
THDi < 10%
Input Frequency Range 40 – 70 Hz
Input Resettable Breaker Yes
DC Characteristics
DC Voltage 72 V
Battery Connection ANEN 2 poles
Standard Charging Current 6.5 A
Battery Type
12 V VRLA, 12 V Tubular, 2 V VRLA
Output Parameters
Output Connection 1W+N
Output PF 0.8
Output Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Output Waveform Type Sinewave
Overload Capacity 110% 10 mins
Overload Capacity 125% 1 min
Output Voltage (in VAC) 200, 208, 220, 230, 240 V
Ingress Protection IP 20
Input Low / High Protection Yes
Output Low / High Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Surge Protection Yes

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