10 kva online UPS with Isolation Transformer


10 kva online UPS with Isolation Transformer

Brand Online UPS  GPS10000  10KVA
Model GPS10000VA
UPS  Rating 10KVA
Battery Type SMF  192VDC  16No
Warranty 2 Year
Input Voltage Voltage range 230v±20% in single phase 415v-20% + 15% in three phase
Out-put  Voltage Voltage 230v 230v 230v/
Application of  Usage Online UPS , medical equipment  CT large networks, industrial applications
Protections Rectifier Input Circuit Breaker Phase failure (Single phasing prevention)
Protections Battery Charger over voltage & over current limit

Batt. low out off, current limit,

Batt. Over change trip, HRC fuse, online ups price list 2021

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Features of Power Factor Correction Technology

1. Input power factor is improved to >0.9 in single-phase machines and ) >0.95 in three-phase UPSs.

2. Green UPS – Power consumption will be bettered by 30%-40% compared to conventional UPSs.

3. The conventional phase angle control technology, which is the reason for huge power loss and low power factor is completely avoided.

4. THD will be improved substantially.

5. Widest input frequency range:45-55Hz – means wide fluctuations in frequency like in the case of old generators etc will be handled well. online ups price list 2021

online ups price list 2021 Jun-11


Online UPS Price  list 2021 Jun-05 Warranty Price
2Kva Online UPS  GPS2000  2KVA 2Year Rs 21500/-
3Kva Online UPS  GPS3000  3KVA 2Year Rs 23400/-
6Kva Online UPS  GPS6000  6KVA 2Year Rs 31800/-
10 Kva online UPS GPS10000 with Isolation Transformer 2Year Rs 72500/-

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