APC Smart-UPS RC 10000VA | 10KVA Online UPS | SRC10KUXI


  • 10KVA / 9.0 kVA Online UPS with Double Conversion
  • High density, double-conversion on-line power protection with scalable runtime.
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty

10KVA Online UPS Features & Benefits

APC 10kva ups price September 04

Smart-UPS – Online High-Density Double Conversion Technology Application – for Server/ Voice & Data/Network/ Medical Labs & Light Industrial Applications -Harsh environment Maximum Load Factor- 9000 Watts Efficiency – >94.0% (at 100% load) Crest Factor – APC 10kva ups price

This UPS 10-kVA provides reliable power supply protection for critical equipment and applications. It is suitable for environments that require mission-critical power, such as data centers and server rooms, thanks to its 10,000 VA or 10 kW maximum output power capacity.

A consistent and reliable source of power is provided through online double conversion technology. Connected equipment is protected from electrical disturbances such as spikes and surges.

As well as hardwired and plug-and-play connections, the UPS also comes with a variety of input and output options. Real-time display of UPS status, battery life, and other important system variables is available on the graphical LCD display.

apc 10kva ups price vary depending on the model and vendor. Although this product features advanced capabilities, it is generally considered a high-end, expensive item.


Weight 27.5 kg
Dimensions 70.6 × 13.4 × 43.3 cm
Brand APC
Model No. SRC10KUXI
Waveform Type Sine wave
No. of Batteries 16
Backup Time Based on the batteries being used
Builtin Battery Capacity No Batteries included
Topology Online UPS
Output Power Capacity 9.0 KWatts / 10.0 kVA
Nominal Output Voltage 230V
Efficiency at Full Load 94.4%
Nominal Input Voltage 220, 240, 400, 415, 230V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz (auto sensing)
Interface Port(s) RJ-45 Serial, USB
Bypass Built-in Static Bypass
In-Box Accessories Power Chute Software, UPS, USB Interface Cable, Warranty Card
Warranty 2 Years Onsite Warranty, email:, For Support Call  18004254272

APC smart ups 10kva specifications

apc smart ups 10kva specifications


Q: What is the apc 10kva ups price?

A:There are several different models and vendors of the APC UPS 10kVA. Because of its advanced features and capabilities, it is generally considered an expensive and high-end product.

Q: What is the maximum output power capacity of the APC UPS 10kVA?

A: APC UPS 10kVA can deliver a maximum of 10,000VA or 10kW power output.

Q: What is the technology used in the APC UPS 10kVA?

A: APC UPS 10kVA utilizes online double conversion technology that converts incoming AC power to DC power and then back to AC power. It helps prevent electrical disturbances and surges that may damage connected equipment.

Q: How do you connect the APC UPS 10kVA’s inputs and outputs?

A: There are a variety of connections available on the APC UPS 10kVA, including hardwired and plug-and-play connections.

Q: What information does the LCD display of the APC UPS 10kVA provide?

A: This UPS’s graphical LCD display shows system parameters, UPS status, and battery life in real-time.

Q: What applications is the apc 10kva ups price suitable for?

A: UPS 10kVA provides reliable power protection in data centers and server rooms, as well as other mission-critical environments.

Q: Is the apc 10kva ups price compatible with different operating systems?

A: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS are all compatible with the APC UPS 10kVA.


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