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Easy UPS 20KVA E3SUPS20KH Technical Specifications – 3PHASE

Power Rating  20000VA (20KVA) Easy online ups
Max Configurable Power (Watts)  20000 Watts
Output Frequency (sync to mains)  50 Hz
Topology  Double conversion Online
Output Waveform type  Pure sine wave
Nominal Input Voltage
 400V 3PHASE
Input frequency
 45 – 65 Hz
Input voltage range for mains  304 – 477V
Nominal Output Voltage  400V 3PHASE
Battery Type
 No internal battery – uses external battery system
Control panel  Multi-function LCD status and control console
Power Factor  0.99
Maximum Height  770.0 mm
Maximum Width  250.0 mm
Maximum Depth  800.0 mm
Net Weight  58.0 kg
Operating Temperature  0 – 40 °C
Operating Relative Humidity  0 – 95 %



Easy online ups

  • Double Conversion Mode (up to 96%)
  • ECO Mode (99% Efficiency)
  • Common Battery under 1+1mode
  • Parallel up to 4 UPS
  • Conformal Coating on PCBA
  • In-built Replaceable Dust Filter
  • Operating Temperature Up To 40C
  • Output Power Capacity – 20.0 KW / 20.0 kVA Output Voltage THD – < 3% linear load
  • Overload Operation – 150% for 1 min 125% for 10 min
  • Bypass – Built-in Maintenance Bypass Maximum Input Current – 37 A
  • Input Frequency – 45 – 65 Hz
  • Input Total Harmonic Distortion – Less than 3% for full load
  • Interface Port(s) – E3S_Parallel
  • E3S_TempSensor
  • 20% Power as Charging Capacity
  • Mimic Panel Multi Language LCD Display (EPO Inbuilt)
  • Ro HS Compliance
  • ECO Mode – Operating mode that by-passes unused electrical components in good power conditions to achieve high operating efficiency without sacrificing protection
  • Intuitive user interface – The intuitive graphical user interface allows for easy system configuration.
  • Front-access servicing – Simplifies installation and UPS maintenance while minimizing space requirements.
  • Straightforward installation – Including the input, output, and bypass breakers, as well as the Emergency Power Off (EPO) switch, simplifies installation planning and speeds up deployment.
  • Easy Loop Test – Verifies UPS performance before you connect your load, without the need for a load bank.
  • Easy to install fast – Quickly roll the compact and lightweight UPS into position.
  • Wide Input Voltage Window – Saves your battery power for when you really need it – during power cuts!
  • Parallel capability – Multiple units can be placed in parallel to meet power capacity and redundancy requirements
  • Replaceable dust filters – protect the UPS  Easy online ups
  • SNMP Card – Optional.

EASY UPS 20KVA E3SUPS20KH Technical Specifications – 3PHASE

  • Model : E3SUPS20KH 3PHASE
  • Power Rating : 20000VA (20KVA)
  • Output power Max : 20000Watts
  • UPS Type  : Online
  • Waveform : Sine wave
  • Battery Type  : External Battery
  • Battery Volts  :  394V DC
  • No of Battery  : 12V battery – 32Nos
  • Nominal Output Voltage : 400V 3PH
  • Nominal Input Voltage : 400V 3PH
  • Input Connections : Terminal Block
  • Output Connections  : Terminal Block
  • Application  : Server & Computers Load
  • Warranty  : 1 year Easy online ups


What is APC Easy UPS Online, and how does it differ from other UPS systems?

APC Easy UPS Online is a line of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems designed for continuous and reliable power protection. Unlike traditional UPS systems, Easy UPS Online provides seamless power through its inverter, ensuring zero transfer time during electrical outages for uninterrupted operation of critical devices.

What are the key features that make APC Easy UPS Online suitable for various applications?

APC Easy UPS Online is suitable for a wide range of applications due to features such as double conversion technology, which provides clean and stable power, and a compact design for easy integration into different environments. It offers versatility for use in IT, medical, industrial, and other critical settings.

How does the online topology of APC Easy UPS enhance power reliability and protection?

The online topology of APC Easy UPS ensures continuous power by constantly converting incoming AC power to DC and then back to AC. This process isolates connected devices from power disturbances, such as surges or voltage fluctuations, providing a high level of protection and ensuring a reliable power supply.

Can APC Easy UPS Online be remotely monitored, and what management features does it offer?

Yes, many models of APC Easy UPS Online come with remote monitoring capabilities. Users can monitor the UPS status, input/output voltage, and battery levels through software interfaces or web-based platforms. Additional management features, such as scheduled shutdowns and notifications, enhance control and convenience.

How does APC Easy UPS Online contribute to energy efficiency and reduced operating costs?

APC Easy UPS Online is designed for energy efficiency with features like high-frequency design and eco-mode operation. The high efficiency of the double conversion technology minimizes energy losses, contributing to reduced operating costs. Eco-mode allows the UPS to operate with even higher efficiency during periods of lower power demand.


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